Who Has Cruise Gm Pics???

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  1. HEY guys..I just bought the MM sized new cruise denim bag..Now Im about to buy the Denim RAYE GM size too..LOL.....
    Does anyone have a pic of themselves WEARING the GM bag? I know a couple PFers have it..would you PLEASE post a pic wearing it..Im afraid its gonna be too big..but Im unsure.I want to use it as an everyday size bag.I looked at EBAY..but all I see are dummy model pics and cant tell size wise..
    Thanks so much!
  2. hope these help.

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  3. *Sigh* so gorgeous
  4. Its so hard to tell size wise..Im just trying to avoid going to the mall this holiday weekend..LMAO..its INSANE there...
    Thanks for the pics..If anyone else has pics ..please post!!
  5. OK..now who thinks this is too big for an everyday bag??
  6. Not me, i'd carry it :smile:
  7. It's too big imo Jill and that's alot coming from me, because I love huge bags!!!
  8. I tried it on in the store and I thought it was WAY too big and I too love big bags. The SA's were like umm....NO. LOL:roflmfao:
  9. I think that is a great bag. Jill, the bigger the bag the better. Besides you have some pretty big bags already. I think this one compares to the rest in size.
  10. :drool:
  11. For me it'd be too big, but I'm 5'5
  12. Im 5 ' 6 1/2 but I can carry large bags well.
    I measured my baby cabas Chanel bag and it doesnt seem that much smaller measuremnt wise..and THAT bag is PERFECT for me
  13. I saw go for it! You can make any bag work if you try hard enough.
  14. Jill buy the bag, whats the worst you have to do is return it ..:shrugs:
  15. i think it's gorgeous~
    does anyone know the price of the Cruise collection mini pleaty raye? how much is the cabas raye GM bag?