Who has clemence love? Pics request of gold clemence.

  1. I've recently come to the realisation I have a thing for clemence. I like the softness and slight slouch, a kinda worn-in look, without actually being worn n torn. Kwim? Anyone else out there with an affinity for this leather?

    The problem is, I wouldn't want a bag that in time will slouch to the ground in a heap. Do clemence owners find this? Particularly those of you with 35cm Birkins? I don't mind semi-slouch but it'll be hard for me to accept floppy.

    Also, those of you with gold clemence bags, esp 35cm Birkins, I would very much appreciate pics if you have them.:flowers: Do you find the gold a bit dark? And how does it compare to gold togo and gold swift, for eg? I saw gold swift in the store and it was surprisingly a lot darker than I had imagined. I have gold togo on one side of a belt so I know what that's like. But I don't know or can't remember if I've seen gold in clemence IRL.
  2. SN, here's an old photo of my 35cm Clemence. It is kept upright in my closet with a bit of the bubble plastic it came with and so far no droopy Clemence, although you definitely have the batwings. I find that Gold Clemence appears darker to me than Gold Swift; it has a bit of a red undertone to it. Here are also some helpful links, including one with my own dilemma. :smile:



  3. That is just gorgeous orchids! OMG!
  4. I love Clemence too!!!! My black Clemence 30cm doesn't slouch very much but I keep it stuffed upright in my armoire with a travel-size down pillow inside.

    Don't know about the color gold since mine is in Togo but I'd bet that gold in Clemence is a deeper, richer color! I find the black is like INK!!!! Really, really black! I LOVE it!!!!!

    .....just took a look at your links, ORCHIDS and yep! There's Gold Clemence looking deep, rich and LUSCIOUS!!!!
  5. Me, too! Love, love, love clemence... My 35 is pretty slouchy...one might even say more slouchy than semi-slouchy... : )
  6. Wow, your clemence Birkin is gorgeous, Orchids!!! It looks fairly light on my pc tho but I would imagine that's the flash? So, it would be more a dark camel appearance, yes? I'm off to check out those links you provided. Thanks very much!!!
  7. Ooh, thanks D and SoCal for your input as well! I too love black in clemence. I played around with a Lindy in this combo and thought although it didn't quite make the Lindy for me (prefered swift leather for this style bag) it was a be-yooot-tiful dark black!
  8. Thanks Jag & Shopmom!

    SN, dark camel is an apt description; however the stole next to the Birkin is definitely more of a true camel. The gold in Clemence has that tiny bit of red to it. Gold in Togo was my first choice, but when this came in and I got the input from the gals, I couldn't refuse.
  9. Here is a really helpful post by gigi leung!!! HTH!!!!

  10. Love it!!! Thanks again, Orchids! Jag, that pic shows just why I love clemence. The matte, softer look! I like togo too but I find the slight sheen and more rounded texture of the "blobs" a little "new" looking, if you get what I mean. Feels like I have to really wear it in with togo. But I dunno when it comes to gold, whether I prefer the togo gold or the slight red undertones and darker shade of clemence.
  11. I have seen both IRL, and they are both gorgeous (I know, i am useless) BUT with that being said, if you like the more matte look, then clemence is totally your baby! You cannot go wrong.
  12. Any color, no matter what, in clemence in a non rigid H style, always.....leaves me weak.

    I :heart: clemence and much prefer it to togo, which I often find rough and stiff as compared to the soft soupleness of clemence.

    Orchids, your Birkin is really beautiful.
  13. I love clemence too! I've only had my JPG chocolate clemence for a few days, but I can already see that it slouchies and the bottom sags and almost touching surfaces (the little feets won't pervent that). I guess I'll have to remember to check all surfaces before placing Mr. JPG down.
  14. Is there a slightly lighter camel color than the gold?
  15. Orchid, it's gorgeous and so well kept!