Who has CL Bruges?? Let's see pics!

  1. I am looking to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin Bruges, and would love to see some pics! Pics of them on would be even better! What are everyone's thoughts on these shoes? Thanks!
  2. It seems like every celeb has them, but I still love them! (sorry I don't have any to share pics!) Hopefully someone who does will!
  3. Well I found a dark brown suede pair for fall and they arrived today!! Will post pics later! I love them!
  4. I do :yes:

    they are completely cushioned when your foot slips into them. :love:
  5. They're beautiful :love:
    Those shoes are the only thing on my mind ever since I got my Paddy.
    I'm thinking of getting them for my birthday, I found some on ebay, I just hope they're not fake.
  6. Gorgeous!!! I would love to get a cork pair. Mine are chocolate suede with a stacked heel. They are surprisingly comfy, don't you find? I think I've started another addiction, I already want another pair!!
  7. Drool! They are so gorgeous!!!:heart: :tender:
    How does the sizing on these run?

    I always wondered if they were comfortable- the cushioning sounds wonderful! :smile:
  8. Are there fake Louboutins? I wouldn't be suprised since there is fake everything else. I would hope the marked up ones on eBay weren't fake!
  9. Sound lovely! Can't wait to see them!:smile:
  10. They look gorgeous!! Is the patent leather comfortable though? I know a lot of them hurt your feet.
  11. wow those are beautiful
  12. Beautiful!!!
    Do you wear this in Winter too? I love this one but not sure about the cork heel.