Who has bought the Ergo? Pics..please

  1. All this talk of how the Ergo cannot be in the PCE event. Well, one of my stores says the rules can be bent with no problems.., the other says absolutely not, very strictly a "no". Anyway, is this making this bag which I thought I saw last year in the department stores and looks sort of ordinary more alluring? My SA has the large white two strap. I have personally never seen it. I think it is a very large hobo, not one of my favorite styles. I like the one with the legacy lining. I already have a white pleated hobo, the one that Katherine Heigl wore in the Celebrity Coach section. I got a terrific buy at the outlet on it, and this white leather can be cleaned easily for it is not the glove tanned or vintage leather. The tan ergo tote is not something I really need, since I now own two whiskey bags. One white is enough. Who has this mystery coveted ergo and how do you like it??? LOL LOL:confused1:
  2. I have the camel ergo tote in large and it's gorgeous! I want the small hobo in turquoise now. If you have enough tan bags but want the ergo tote, I'd recommend the turquoise. You can also do a search on the ergo and find some more pics of it. Mokoni has the black smaller tote and Liz has the large in turquoise. They are both beautiful! Here's my camel:

    ETA: this color is nothing like the whiskey so you really could justify getting camel if you like it!

  3. I posted a photo of my small black one when I first got it but the photos were horrible. I'll try to get a better photo when I get home from work and post it.

    TLL - your bag is so pretty! :drool:
  4. Thanks, mokoni!! I really like your black too! I do recommend a tote first simply because of the striped lining. It just makes me smile to see those pretty stripes inside my bag! I wish they would have lined the hobos with the same striped material. Oh well! The leather is TDF too!! So incredibly soft!
  5. Sorry to be a thread hog... here's a photo with the camel next to the whiskey to show the difference in color so you know for sure that you can justify this bag in camel. But the other colors are all beautiful too so you can't go wrong! Anyone who is considering this bag should just go for it, it's absolutely wonderful!

  6. I just got the Ergo Signature Hobo...I LOVE IT!! :heart: The size is wonderful - you can fit LOTS in it and it still doesn't make the purse heavy! The only thing I haven't figured out what to do with is the front snap/magnet closure pocket in the front. It's pretty flat so you can't put anything bulky in it if you want to close it. I LOVE THIS BAG!! Here are pics...
    new ergo.jpg IMG_0855.JPG IMG_0856.JPG IMG_0858.JPG
  7. I have the Ergo Large Tote in turquoise. Search for
    posts by lizcordova and you should see three pictures of it. I love it and have the Ergo Large turquoise hobo coming next week. I know I will love it as much as I love my Ergo Tote. Ergo is the best line that Coach has
    made in years in my opinion.:rolleyes:
  8. Here's my black Ergo tote:




    I included my Signature Legacy Flap in the last picture for a size reference.
  9. OOOH, Congrats!! I like that and the lining, is it light and comfy on the shoulder and the leather, is that treatable with moisturizer?
  10. hmmmm, I will look for them, that black one is really nice...I did not ever see it. Thanks for the info Liz...Turquise is my favorite color...besides PINK
  11. Oh my goodness, those are my bags too , the two bottom ones and I have the signature wristlet and the whiskey french wallet. The bag is really nice!!! Is that the large size for or the medium?
  12. That is a really nice signature bag...I never saw that one. Does it have the legacy lining as well??? cute cute, girl you have posted there..
  13. Yes, it's light and comfy on the shoulder (so long as you don't put ten pounds of junk in it like I do). I think it's treatable with the Coach cleaner and moisturizer. I should probably check on that, though!
  14. My Ergo tote is the large. Mokoni's is the smaller one. Liz has a pic with the 2 sizes side by side. I opted for the large because I LOVE the turnlock on the front. I don't find it to be heavy at all because there isn't too much hardware and the leather is not as heavy as the legacy leather. It is a vintage type leather and does scratch. I was advised by a SA not to use anything on it, not even conditioner. It fits nicely on my shoulder and is carried easily on the crook of the arm too.

    ETA: Mokoni, those are beautiful shots of your bag! It's lovely!
  15. I am hoping to add the sig ergo to my collection in the near future!!