Who has bought from the huang family???

  1. How was your purchase?:confused1:
    Were you happy?:confused1:
    Im a bit worried but I am soooooo interested in one of their bags:shrugs:
  2. i think lv_obsessed brought her ceries speedy from them.....
  3. i got two bags from her, and i'm very happy with them. she ships extremely fast, and i got them much sooner than i expected :yes:
  4. so the super fakes rumors are false?
  5. :yes:
  6. Rumours are always rumours unless you have actual experience. :0)

    Do a search on here for them, and you'll read various things. My experience of them is only question and answer via email, and from that, I personally wouldn't purchase.

    However, there are also people on here that like, yeuxhonnetes, have actually purchased, and have been very happy.

    So, it's up to you.

    Good luck!!

  7. yeux, may I know how long ago u bought from them? thanks!:yes:
  8. I wouldn't purchase from them.
  9. Just curious... Why not? :P
  10. they take one million time to respond to emails and they lie about their location they are base in Taiwan not in the US.
  11. I bought my Cerises Speedy from thehuangfamily in July and it was a good experience overall. Communication was good and very quick, I received it in just a few days, and I did get the exact same item that was pictured. After it arrived, I had it authenticated by Caroldiva just to be sure, and it checked out just fine. No worries! The only drawback IMO is that their prices tend to be on the high side.
  12. about 3 weeks ago
  13. because they say they are located in NY, but then ship from Taiwan. Also they recycle pictures.
  14. this is a problem, otherwise they are ok ;) but personally I wouldnt buy
  15. Oh, I see... I heard about that too but not sure how true is it... :shrugs: :shame: