Who has bought a Legacy Shoulder Bag off of Ebay???

  1. I'd like to know who all has bought/won a Legacy Shoulder Bag (Whiskey, Pond, Natural...) off of eBay and (if you don't mind sharing) how much you won it for? I am doing some research and am trying to figure out what a good price to pay is?!?! I've looked at the completed listings, etc...but wanted to hear from The Experts (you all). Just wondering if I should dive in and GO FOR IT or if I should hold out for a "good deal". Also, did any of you find your bag "by accident" - like poorly listed, etc... If so, what keywords did you search for?
    Thanks so much!!!!:smile::shrugs:
  2. I bought my whiskey at Dillards for 10% off because it was not wrapped in paper - and got my black one at the outlet. Most of the whiskey ones on eBay look to be going for at or above retail - unless they are not nwt. What color are you thinking of???
  3. Thanks for the info.
    I want either the Pond or the Whiskey....are these colors EVER at the outlet, even by chance? What and where would my best chance of getting one be? - I know they are both sold out.
  4. Pond is not sold out at the store level - you can still get it that way - by store transfer. Aventura Fl had them still last week. Whiskeys can still be found at Macy's and Dillards. I would suppose they would show up at the outlet just like any other bag shows up - as a return. Just get your name on a list for one. Tell them you want a call if either color comes in. That is how I got my black one.
  5. YOU ROCK!!! :jammin::supacool:
    Thanks so much for the great advice!!! I'll call around and I had planned on going to the outlet this week - IF there isn't one when I go then I will ask to be put on a call list. Do they do that for just anyone who asks?? That sure is a great deal!!
    Did Dillards or Macys ever carry the POND Shoulder or was it only at the Coach Stores?
  6. Yes - they will do it for you! It saved me many a hunting trip to the outlet - I just wait until the item comes my way!!
  7. I got mine at the PCE in December. They seem to be going retail or above on ebay. Since they are selling out I would think the ebay ones may go up as time goes on.
    I think the outlet list is a good idea. I have only seen one rose shoulder at my outlet and it had a broken turnlock.
  8. About the turnlocks...did we figure out that these CAN be repaired/replaced by Coach or not??? Just wondering - in case I come across one that is a good deal but needs fixing.
  9. I got a pond nwt in March on Ebay for $286 and it was perfect in every way. It was purely a stroke of luck I think because I expected it to go much higher. I didn't do any special search, other than Coach Legacy.
  10. ^^ great deal!! ^^

    i just paid 428 for mine through cs.

    still love it though!
  11. I think even $50 less NWT on Ebay is great considering you are not paying taxes and hopefully a decent shipping cost.
  12. WOW! You have given me hope that one WILL come my way if i just STAY PATIENT (something I am not too great at doing - especially when it's something I REALLY WANT!!! :drool:, but I am also hard-headed and I am DETERMINED to find a deal - even $50 off!!) Thanks so much for the DRIVE!! Now I am ON A MISSION!:supacool::search:
  13. I bought my Whiskey one off eBay for 350. It was sooo beautiful and exactly as described!
  14. I won my WHISKEY shoulder bag on Ebay a few weeks ago for $305!

    So there IS hope in finding a whiskey bag for BELOW retail on Ebay!:yes: