Who has BI Twiggy's in stock?

  1. Who has the Blue India twiggy's in stock? I want to buy one. :love:
  2. I called BalNY yesterday and they had just got them in. Is your name on the list because they were calling people according to their list.:flowers:
  3. nope, not on the list, but I assume that someone has atleast somewhere turned one down. I wouldn't oppose to getting at the back of the line if I had to.
  4. Allison- NM called me today and they have the First in BI if you like the style. It is too small for me but they are also going to call me when they get the City or the Twiggy. Do you want me to let you know when they call me? but meanwhile try calling Barney's NY or NM in Ca.;)
  5. Nanaz, that would be great! I have my heart set on the Twiggy. I could quite possibly settle for a City.
  6. It shouldn't be too long. When they call me i will pm you.:yes:
  7. Allison- I just got my BI in Twiggy from BalNY :yahoo: Do you have any questions? :heart:
  8. nanaz, were you on their list or did you just call them to get one now?
  9. I was on the list.
  10. Allison- i just started a thread and posted pics of my Twiggy if you like to see the color.:love:
  11. LVR has had the BI Twiggy for more than a week.
  12. I saw a BI twiggy at Gretta Luxe in Wellesley, MA yesterday.