Who has an Op Art Glam tote?

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  1. I'm trying to decide if I should buy one!

    I'm eyeing the silver one with black C's

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I have the glam tote in about 8 colors. I love it. The style is awesome for everyday, they are light weight, and durable. I havent had any issues with mine at all except one of my hang tags broke, but Coach sent be a replacement for free.
  3. I have one... the only thing I don't like about it is it's hard to put over my shoulder when I have a coat on.
    pop op art glam3.jpg
  4. i absolutely love mine and contemplating picking up the cobalt one! :heart: theres almost nothing u cant fit in there
  5. I just returned a cobalt one today because I couldn't wear it on my shoulder with my winter coat on. I wish the straps were 2" longer. I lovevthecway it looks though.
  6. I don't have one but I have been eyeing the Gunmetal lurex one at Dillard's. they have it at 30% off for 138+tax. Not sure if I should get it or wait to see if it goes to 50 % off.....
  7. I have the Silver/Gunmetal one and like it a lot. It's very versatile, the blue lining is pretty, and it fits nicely over my shoulder.

    Other users are right about the coat/shoulder factor - when I wear my North Face, it slips off, but so does every bag because the fabric is so slick. When I wear my wool dress coat, it stays on.
  8. I have the glam tote in cobalt and LOVE it,stays on the shoulder,easy to carry (i have a little on to cary also) light,fresh,fun!!!!!!!!
    and no cons!!!!
  9. Go for it! They are adorable! You should check out the sequin glam, its a really cute bag. I have a Poppy Spotlight and I have yet to break it in....maybe this weekend?
  10. I have the Tartan and she was a complete whim - I love the way she looks just hanging there with nothing in it ... Note that when you put stuff in her she does tend to get a lil bit smaller (appearnce) b/c the fabric by the zipper slouches down a bit.

    I'm not doing a great job by explaining this - it's definitely not a con but it's just something to think about ...
  11. I want this one so bad. I cant find it anywhere :shucks: I wouldnt wait if I were you. Grab it while you can.
  12. i have it in black patent and LOVE it!!!
  13. I have the exact one your thinking of buying and I LOVE it! My hubby bought it for me as a surprise gift! I'll use a bag, and then go back to it all the time! LOVE it!! Did I mention I love it???!!! :yahoo::heart::heart::heart:
  14. i have a gray/purple japan exlusive glam and a matching swingpack that i found in a random hollywood DFS. i LOVE the glam for school

    pros: i can hold my laptop in it and a couple of small folders and it doesn't hurt my back at ALL. it magically sucks up all the weight.

    cons: i don't really go to this bag for every-day use. i guess i'd rather use my leather ones. i don't really like to zip up my bags but i feel that the glam is meant to use zipped (even though i rarely zip it)

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  15. I've got the same one you are considering and I love it! I bought it originally for lightweight book carrying to and from school, but I've ended up using it more as a purse. And the silver trim just pops on the black and white.
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