Who has an Epi Passy and your thoughts on this bag?

  1. I want a Epi bag and torn between three----the Jasmin, Alma and Passy. I know I want the Ivoire color, but leaning towards the Passy. Any thoughts or opinions much appreciated!:smile::smile:
  2. I'm deciding between a passy and an alma as well. Too bad the search function is down. I know I've seen pics of the passy here.
  3. I own the passy PM in ivoire. I am not too tall and the GM was too large on me. I love the overall look of the bag - that being said, pratically it doesn't hold all that much - I use the center zippered pocket to hold my wallet and check book. I like the interior side pockets for cell phone, cles, lip gloss. The two parts on either side of the centered zippered portion I use for a novel or mail, letters, a bottle of water -
    I am not sorry that I bought it - I love it - just doesn't hold too much. I really only consider the inner zippered pocket to hold things securely.
  4. I LOVE the Epi passy GM in Ivoire! It is stunning and calssic and timeless!!!! Go for it!!!!
  5. I was definitely looking at passy as well. It definitely looks like a classic bag that can be used for a long time, but I'm kinda worried about the small interior of the PM. But out of the 3 I definitely love the look of the passy the most
  6. i don't own any of those, but i love the look of the passy
  7. passy I really like that bag... I am waiting for the purple color..
    p11157417_ph_althero_Black.jpg 1300p.jpg 1300.jpg p11157417_ph_althero_Red.jpg
  8. Thanks to everyone who replied! Isn't tPF great for helping make decisions???:tup:
  9. ^^^ me too! I can't wait to see it irl!