Who Has an eBay Store?

  1. I'm so sick of being eaten up by listing fees and I have a ton of stuff I want to sell right now. I was scanning (emphasis on scanning!) the particulars of doing a basic ($15.95 per month) eBay Store. It almost seems worth it since the insertion fees are next to nothing and you get the 30 day listing option.

    Anyone here have one? Like it/hate it? Anything you can share in the way of advice? You don't need to disclose the name of your eBay Store (since I don't think that's allowed anyway). I'm just looking for information right now.

  2. I'm interested too. It seems worth it to me as well. And there are soo many stores!
  3. We have an eBay store. Note that although the listing fees are very low the final value fees are much higher than when an item sells at auction or Fixed Price. We take our store down when we don't have a lot to sell and put it back up when we do. eBay doesn't charge a set-up fee so this costs nothing (plus we have discovered that any custom settings are still there when we put the store back up. Plus, eBay prorates the monthly fee if you close the store. Pretty cheap for $15.95/month, but do be aware that when something sells eBay is going to collect much higher fees.
  4. Having a store is "okay". I've had one for quite some time. I always have stuff in it - and I don't bother taking the store down and then putting it back up. However, the major downside to having a store is that 80% of most eBayer buyers don't know to look at the bottom of the page where it says "see other buy it now items from sellers". They're always into what pops up during a regular search. I find that if it's in a store, it takes sometimes four times as long to sell. So if you don't mind that, the insertion fees are next to nothing. I've had things though sit for like 6 months in my store and as soon as I move it back into a regular auction-style listing (I always list BUY IT NOWS with "immediate payment required" for both auctions and store listings because I'm sick of non-payers) then I almost always generate more interest. It's completely up to you.
  5. I am a bronze level power seller and probably sell about 1500 dollars worth a month, maybe 20-50 items depending. I looked into the store thing, and that final value stuff bugged me. I've been doing just fine using auctiva.com to host pics for free and give me the listing designer for free.

    I'm not against ebay stores, but I think most people look at the auctions first, simply because a lot of stuff in the stores in too expensive (i.e. a Coach purse I recently saw that is all over ebay and at Coach outlets for $300-$500 and there a woman in an ebay store selling one for $995 bc she said she bought it at fulll price and needs to make a profit, huh? that thing will never sell)
  6. you said that part much better than I did about the stores vs auction thing

    well said.
  7. i have a store and i love it. i was so lazy for the last few months and having everything in my store was great. you never know when something is going to sell. it could be 4 months waiting for the right buyer. but then when they want it it's there. i don't love the higher fvf but i do love the lower listing/ monthly fees. and basically i make up the monthly cost with my first sale every month.

    plus i made my store pretty and i just like it.
  8. I am strictly a buyer. I never bother to look at the eBay sote listings at the bottom for the same reason you pointed out.
  9. I have an ebay store for invitations and wedding favor tags. But when you sell, you also have to list things via auctions otherwise you won't get any traffic to your store.

  10. I totally agree. I'm a silver powerseller, and the advantage to the store is that it allows you to keep everything "running" w/out constant maintenance, but they whallop you with higher final value fees (so the cheap insertion rates will balance out). I try to run a combo of store inventory & auction listings to cross-promote & drive traffic, which seems to work ok. But I will tell you, AUCTIVA ROCKS!!! They host 15 pix for FREE, which ends up saving me like $5 a listing! Plus, there's free supersize, too, and you can SCHEDULE listings for free. I promptly deleted my eBay turbo lister program when I started using it!! So helpful!:smile:
  11. I am not serious enough a seller to bother with a store, but I do like buying from those who do. It is never a make or break factor in deciding to buy, but it can lend an extra professionalism to the transaction. Just my opinion, but if it is economically attractive, it can't do much harm and may do a lot of good?
  12. I have a store. You have to put items in the store that are hard to find. If someone puts "Coach handbag" in a search, your items are't going to show up. But if they put "Coach Ocean Legacy Handbag" in a search, your bag will show up.

    It is a nice surprise to sell things out of the store.

    If you do, I suggest your require immediate payment due to the TKO problem going on.

    Will post more later - leaving for work.
  13. Make sure you use a store fee calculator before listing your items for sale too.

    To prevent getting lowball offers on store items, if you use best offer, use the auto-decline option.
  14. I'm using Auctiva too and I really like it. Thanks for the input.
  15. We have been using photobucket for photos on all our eBay listings. Free, easy, pretty much unlimited pics, slideshows, and easy thumbnails that Buyers can click, which opens a new window with the enlarged photo.

    We agree completely with those who have said you need auction or BIN listings out there in the eBay universe to drive traffic to your store. And be sure to provide a link within your listing to "Other items" or your store --- many people miss eBay's link off on the side to "See Sellers other items."

    Finally, be sure to have an "About Me" page (which I think they now call "My World?"