who has an alma???

  1. Im thinking of getting one in :love: damier or MC:love: (if I have enough funds) do you love it? what kind do you have? pros cons?
  2. I can't speak from experience, but I did consider an Alma at one point, but in searching other posts some thought it was a little harder to overstuff, meaning it looked awkward stuffed. With Damier you won't have to worry about vachetta issues (which was another con I had read about...). I still drool over the black MC Alma, so who knows, someday I'll take the plunge.
  3. I don´t but I really really want one. A yellow epi alma to be exact. Saving first! I´ve heard raves of the Almas size, it fits heaps!
  4. I have a mono Alma and I like it very much but as Pursegrrl says, it's hard to overstuff without distorting the shape along the zipper, and there is quite a lot of vachetta so if you're super-picky about keeping your bags pristine the mono is def. not for you. But OTOH, the shape is so much fun and it's a classic IMO. And it looks grrrreat in the MC!
  5. i love my white mc alma!its heavy though...I think alma looks best in MC :smile:
  6. I almost bought the Damier Alma (was WAY too worried about the vachetta on the monogram one). I was worried about distortion too though and it seemed heavy and kind of "blocky" to me. I already have the Babylone which is very structured and heavy and never use it, so I was afraid I wouldn't use the Alma and went with a Damier Speedy instead. I know you've already got the Damier Speedy. I do love the white multicolor alma, but I'm too old for it. Your girls are younger; therefore, you're younger - it's a beautiful bag too!
  7. what do you guys think of the Ribera (not the mini)???
  8. yah, im a bit worried about the vachetta on the MC, but it sure is beautiful to look at!!! I saw the Damier Alma the other night in a restaurant and it just looked so classy!!!!
  9. hi tina....are you worried about getting the vachetta dirty???
  10. I have the black MC Alma, and I love her!
  11. I love the Ribera! I think what bothers me about the Alma (as I'm sitting here thinking about it) is that it's handheld (which I love), but it's long and big. Somehow, the handheld bags that are prettiest to me aren't quite so big. I think of shoulder bags as bigger and boxier and handheld bags as smaller and more feminine. I love my speedy 30 and that's about how big I go with a handheld. I also like a little lighter in a handheld so I can put it on my forearm without cutting off circulation (LOL!). I do like the Ribera!

    I will say - the Damier and Multicolor Alma are VERY pretty bags if you don't carry too much though! It's a hard decision.
  12. i have the alma and ribera mm, i like the both the same coz i love short handles. i don't normally zip up my alma coz i have too many things in it. but i am able to pack in more things in my ribera.
  13. yes I do:sweatdrop: ... I always get paranoid whenever I place it on top of the table...:push: :wtf: ... a dirt sucker:cursing: .. lolz... but its very pretty:love: you will love it!..:shame:
  14. here's a side-by-side pics of an alma and a speedy30:wlae:
    ver.jpg ver (1).jpg ver (2).jpg
  15. I have the black MC Alma and love it! :love:
    The only annoying thing that comes to my mind is that the zipper could go a bit smoother.