Who has a "WORK" balenciaga?

  1. Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone can posts some pix of them carrying the work balenciaga. I would like to know if its too big for an everyday purse? Does the work come with the shoulder strap or not?
    thank you.
  2. There's no shoulder strap. I have a black Work. I'll try to post pics soon. I'm 5' 2" and I haven't used mine yet for that reason--am trying to decide whether to keep my Purse or keep my Work, both black. But, it's huge bags for the fall, so I'm thinking that the Work will fit right in there and it's probably the only largish bag I'd be willing to use.
  3. no one else owns a work balenciaga??
  4. i have an apple green work but i don't have a pic of me carrying it. i'll try and take one but here's some for now. the first picture is the one closest to the real color of the bag.
    Items 004.jpg Nov '05 Tay's basketball game 002.jpg
  5. I think they're less common than the City and Classique. I've only seen one on a actual person in my wanderings around New York City.
  6. bijin, i LOVE your bags!
  7. This is my first post! Anyhow, I was wondering the same thing. I think the city may be too small for what I usually carry around with me, but I was afraid the work might be too big. But it doesn't look much bigger than the city size in bijin's photo!

    bijin - GORGEOUS bags, by the way. The apple is my favorite color!
  8. It's not actually all that larger, but it's much wider, so it holds more.
  9. i just got a magenta work, will try to post pics soon...

    i thought it might be a bit big for me (i'm 5'7"), but actually it's not all that bad... and i carry around alot of stuff.
  10. wow bijin..yummy colors!!!!! i love your bags!!!:nuts: :love:
  11. thanks bagcrazee and amourn20. the apple green came from susan's in sf: the choc from aloharag and the magenta from brown's of london.
    just like you guys, i looked for these bags all over the world!!!!!
  12. thanks, it's my fav too!:nuts:
  13. OH! I LOVE the chocolate color!
  14. where can i buy this size bag? i'm from canada so the only place i know is holt renfrew and ofcourse they don't have any.
  15. Moe I have news for you!!!

    I was at Holts Bloor St on Thursday and they had at least 3 work bags and one was INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also had a cognac and I think an emerald.

    I would call them and have them hold it for you so you can at least check it out (if they still have it that is)

    Also when I was at Yordale a few weeks ago, they had a couple, but probably gone by now.

    Otherwise, just order one from Bal NY, they have fantastic service (talk to Joseph) and it is cheaper to buy from them.