Who has a Wii and....?

  1. And gets totally sore after playing sports or something on it???

    I just got a Wii [dad bought it] and I played about 10 games of tennis and 1 round of boxing and some golf two days ago and I'm STILL sore. Oy. Who knew video games could be so tiring??

    But truthfully, I prefer the Wii to all the other gaming systems b/c this does force you to get active... :sweatdrop:

    What a workout...does anyone think that playing on the Wii regularly will make you lose weight?? I hope so LOL. That would make it easy and fun for me! If only I could lift my arm enough, I'd go play again right now..but I think I need a bit of a break.. :push:

    Anyways, can't wait till the DDR game for Wii comes out next month...then I can REALLY get the workout going.

    Any thoughts/opinions about your Wii?
  2. We have a Wii and LOVE it....my in laws were over and playing it about 6 months ago and loved it so much we have been on the hunt to get one for them for their birthdays (which are only about 10 days apart)...we finally found one, just in time and gave it to them on Saturday...they were so excited, it was very cute!
  3. Ohh! I saw that training thing and I totally am going to try it! Sounds like a killer... :push:

    Shoulder's feeling a bit better, but definitely am gonna stretch next time before I play sports on the Wii. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for posting that article link! I read it and WOW! If I could lose 9 pounds just from playing on the Wii, that'd be GREAT! This actually makes exercising/fitness fun, so I could totally go for that!
  4. i love wii :heart:
  5. the wii is killer. total tennis elbow! after i first got it (xmas) i couldnt even help with cleaning up the rest of the week. my husband was piiiiised lol. my right arm was totally dead!
  6. Wii is the best! My DH and I play tennis, mostly, and I am sore for days later after a really heated match.:push: Love it:heart:
  7. ^^ HAHA YAY! SO glad to know that I'm not the only one who A) is addicted to the tennis one and B) arm is so dead after a few matches. :p

    But you're right, I do :heart: it.
  8. We just got it and LOVE it too!

    Totally a family event in our house!
  9. Yep, did that to my left arm with the bowling game--bowled a bunch of games in a row, and woke up the next morning with shoulder pain. Must be getting old.....
  10. I bought my teenage son Wii for Christmas. He loves it but doesn't play it as much as his 360 or PS3.

    He hasn't complained of being sore and I haven't played it yet.
  11. I love the wii!!!

    My abs hurt so much after boxing training (the dodge ball section) can't wait for wii fitness
  12. Wii is so fun! Try Rayman, that will really make your arms hurt.
  13. can I jump in here!?
    My DD wants one for Christmas, what all is MUST HAVE so we're not w/o something really important Christmas morning?
    Are these still hard to find? I saw them at Game Stop {or something like that} at the mall this evening. Should I snatch one if I see one?
  14. Swanky Mama, i would definitely get one if you see it now. I spent months trying to get one and I know they have not gotten any easier to get around here.

    I feel like I've been run over by a truck after I got several rounds of boxing and when I bowl, I won't quit until I beat my previous score, so I usually end up paying for it the following few days.:oh: