Who Has A White Spy?? Or Seen One?

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  1. I've only seen them in pictures. Is it really as gorgeous in person? if you have one can you please post pic of you with it. I plan on buying one from personalbuyer on ebay. thanks
  2. I have seen a white spy IRL. It is beautifu. I would get it if I had the cash like that. But I think I would take my chances with the new Metallic Spy.
  3. I had one and sent it back..It was beautiful and so soft but soooo white. Blinding and it would get dirty easily.
  4. i agree. i passed it to get a blk one since it seems so hard to take care...
  5. I also passed on the white spy because it would be so terrifying to put down anywhere, touch, etc. One pen mark and it's over.
  6. I used to own one... Sadly it's gone now in exchange for the petrol spy..
  7. OOOo...petrol spy. I saw one at the Fendi boutique in Singapore, waited 12 hours and it was gone. There were only 3 pieces here, I was told. I loved it. Do you have a picture?
  8. saww one at it was gorgeous, but looked too delicate. i would rather have a bab i did not have to be parnoid over maintenance.
  9. It was a nice white, great if you like the spy bag :biggrin:
  10. Funny, it's on the cover of the NM catalog that I got yesterday, so many great bags in there, including a cute Chanel pouch. Anyways, the Spy looks gorgeous in the white, and I'm not a huge Spy fan