Who Has A White Birkin???????

  1. Who has a white birkin? Is it worth the buy or not? I'm contemplating of ordering one but also afraid of the color dirtied. :blink:
  2. White Birkin is definetly beautiful!:heart: BUT several SA told me that it is hard to keep it clean and it is difficult to clean it. You can bring it to Hermes to clean it. But I heard they have to sent it to Paris. It would take several months to get it back. That is the only reason holding me back from getting white bags:hrmm: . I love white Birkin so much, but I am not sure if I can keep it well...So, I have been avoiding white bags even though they are absolutely gorgeous! I passed white Birkin 35 cm and white Paris-Bombay:cry:. But I really love white Birkin 35 cm though:heart: :love:.
  3. That is what my SA told me also. But I love white too much. I'm still unsure if I want to spend my money on a birkin which is hard to maintain.
  4. Hello!

    I own a white 30cm birkin, clemence. I can't say I have worn it enough to know how dirty it gets. I'm really careful with my bags though and plan to only use this bag on certain occassions. I won't be wearing it everyday like I would my blue jean bag.

    There is something about white I just love! My friend has a white birkin and sends it off to cleaned periodically and said it comes back looking great. We shall see....:noworry:

    If you want me to post pics, let me know:yes:
  5. Don’t have a white Birkin but I have a white epsom Kelly:- I think whether it is high-maintenance or not is down to the temperature where you live. Personally I find that it is not that hard to look after! All you have to be careful of is the handle or wherever is going to touch you skin because if it’s really hot your soggy mits may discolour the white to yellow. I live in a place where there is no sun so I don’t have this problem.:smile:

    Other than that I don’t treat it any differently to my black Sac à Dépêche or LeSportsac (i.e. standard treatment = no throwing around, no scraping against wall, rest it on the floor during meals but there is no problem with the bottom, etc.):yes: .

    P.S. One thing though, definitely give up the jeans when you carry a white Birkin;) . I’ve seen the blue streaks on my friend’s. Sarcastically she said it’s rather good cos you can immediately tell that it’s hers as it’s a personal touch just like when people have identical luggages (literally everyone in my workplace has a Birkin) and you get the BJ colour for free :lol: !

    I second white colour Birkin because it is the neutral colour that you can truly wear it with anything.
  6. i read in anohter thread that chanel can re-dye white caviar bags for additional $150 (or something like that)

    i don't know how reliable this information is.

    nonetheless, has anyone asked if hermes was willing to re-dye its white bags?
  7. I say go for it, but only if you have another Birkin to alternate with it. It would be so chic but not really an everyday bag. Just my 2 pennies...
  8. Thank you everyone. I'm new to this forum and did not expect lots of posts.

    I have decided to order one in 35 after hearing all of your inputs.

    Greentea-I have a BJ birkin 35 w/gold hardware.

    Bee Bee-Thanks for telling me not to wear jeans when carrying a white birkin.

    mnpurselover-love to see pics of your white birkin.
  9. I am so sorry! I forgot tos end you my pics. I will do that this weekend ok? Thanks!
  10. White is lovely if you are easy on your bags
  11. If you already have a BJ, go for the white!
  12. I think you are right Greentea!:yes:
  13. Thxs, everyone. I have waitlisted a white birkin shoulder JPG. Now, I have 3 different sizes. Still waiting for baby rose croc 30. lilach, how's your order coming along?
  14. A shoulder Birkin in white will be stunning! How long have you waited for your baby rose croc Birkin 30cm?
  15. 1 yr. Too long for me.