Who has a Weekender??

  1. I am debating between a Weekender and a LV Keepall for my first piece of "nice" luggage. Does anyone have the weekender, and if so is it easy to travel with?
  2. i have a turq 05 WE, magenta WE, origan WE, bubblegum pink WE, rouge vif WE and soon to hasta la vista,baby, ice blue WE/ i love them all!:love: and use them all.:heart: :heart: :heart: you cant go wrong with a bla WE.
  3. I just used my 06 Black Weekender on my vacation. It holds tons and is great for travel. I have to say though, maybe I'm just a wimp, but it sure does hurt my shoulder. It's better to hold it by hand!
  4. e, i carry my WEs by the shoulder strap and when its heavy, i alternate shoulders.:rolleyes:
  5. So you would say that it is a durable bag? I am a little gun shy after my Hobo/Day bag broke with just a little extra weight.
  6. i think so and it is lightweight at the same time, but it does not have a long shoulder strap if that is important to you.
  7. Huh? The Day broke?:wtf: Oh my, then I must be careful with mine, I even put my little girl inside the bag :shame: What is the weight breaking point?
  8. I use my weekender for travel and as an everyday bag (sometimes).
  9. I use my LV keepalls for travel- they are the best and last forever- make sure you get the keepall with the strap!!!
  10. becca, i have a teal and black weekender. i carry mine as everyday bags. i haven't gotten a chance to use them as travel bags, but i could imagine they would be perfect for carryons. if you are truly using them as luggage, you might consider getting the men's weekender, which has longer handles that way it will fit more comfortably on your shoulders. they do get a bit heavy for the shoulder when filled up, but not anymore than any other bag. if anything, it would be lighter because of the goatskin. they are durable enough though.
  11. esile, you have your teal weekender? Piccies!!!! - I'm dying to see it.

    And congrats on your Turq. Work. ;)

    Okay - back to topic.
  12. yeah, girl! i got it, but i haven't gotten the chance to take pics yet.
    the leather is beautiful and super squishy.:love:
    thanks for the congrats on the turq work.:flowers:

  13. I have a weekender and courier and both make great travel bags. If you want to carry the bag on your shoulder more than by hand then, you should probably go for the courier. It's so easy to carry and you can fit a ton of stuff in it ;)
  14. I think it will be really chic to use it daily. I don't think u can do that with the keepall.
  15. Would be a great diaper bag, too :smile: