Who has a Tano green Stevie Kicks?

  1. Has anyone gotten her bag in this color yet? I'm really wondering about the leather. What do you think of it? Is it really distressed? I pre-ordered this bag in the white and blue colors and I'm really anxious!!
  2. I believe Rosenpetals has already received her Stevie Kicks in electric green. You might pm her to make her aware of this thread.

    I had preordered one in the lagoon blue but ended up cancelling my order to purchase a Gustto instead. I am anxious to see the new colors too.

    Show up when you get yours.
  3. Oh, I need to be fired...I received it last week & mailed it right back...and didn't put a picture up! :push:

    It looks just like the pics on the website (Must have bags) great color & a nice size, comfortable straps, but they don't seem real sturdy. There are 3 inner compartments which zip, and I like to be able to see what I'm groping for, and that just wouldn't work for me. The fit was nice, the leather soft, but the edges at the top were unfinished, which also bothered me.

    After Kooba, I'm pickier about workmanship.