Who has a suhali lockit?

  1. I tried the lockits in the pm and mm size in black and verone an i loved them all. I can't find many pictures of these model so please post visual ads if you have them. I would really like to know if you like the bag; pro's and cons

  2. I have a MM in black. It is a great size! The GM is huge...this coming from the big bag queen. So I can see how even the PM would work for most people.
  3. In my collection i do have a PM lockit and its stunning!! This bag has the potential of being a vintage bag 30 years from now :tup:
  4. I have the PM in Sienne and love it to death! It's big enough for my everyday needs without overwhelming my petite frame (I'm only 5ft :p)
  5. It's gorgeous. Is it heavy?
  6. I wonder too, it is heavy?
    how heavy is the lockit MM suhali?

    thank you!
  7. The pros are that it's (kinda) logo free, so you won't really have to worry about sneaky comments. Also, no vachetta worries! I also find it easier to find stuff in Lockit style bags, at least compared to Speedies.
    The only con in my opinion is that with the lighter colors, I'd be very worried about spilling something on it or getting dirt on it. You can't just wipe it with a wet cloth like you can do with the canvas.

    I really love the Suhali Lockit and I want to get one... I love the proportions of the handles on the PM. Only problem is I'm a "big" girl at 5'6 and US size 12/14. Do you think it would look ridiculous on me? I don't want to look like I carry a children's bag :nogood:
  8. I have a suhali lockit Pm in verone, I love it. Holds heaps and is not heavy for me, also it doens't seem to show dirt or marks. It's a great bag.:tup:
  9. Hi, I have Suhali Lockit PM in Black, Verone, and recent one in Gold. I luv this bag, it's durable and adorable. It has a different look if you attach a charm to it. I'm thinking of getting it in white also. What do you think?

  10. That charm on your Suhali Lockit is fab!! I love this bag and think the charm brings it a very lighthearted personality. Looks great.
  11. I have Lockit MM in Verone and Blanc, love both of them. I found they're little heavy for me compare to Epi passy (I mean put the same stuff in both bags, Lockit seemed to be heavier).