Who has a station bag?

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  1. I have been seeing them on ebay and I would love to have a black one. I was wondering for those of you that have one how do you like it and any tips for me? Did it originally come with a hang tag? Some of them have one and some don't on ebay. I want to try and get one in great condition.

    Also how many colors of this bag have there been? Anyone know?
  2. I have several, and I love them! In fact, my first Coach was a station bag that I bought in 1988 when I graduated from college, and I've added several since. They all came with a hang tag, but my original split in half and I replaced it recently.

    I'm not sure of all the colors, but I have it in black, red, cream/white, and green. The leather is TDF! This is a true, old style leather bag and will last forever!
  3. I just love the way they look. The classic style is great. I think it would be a great bag for parks like Disney and anywhere really. A great every day bag. How long is the cross body strap? Is it generous? You can wear it that way right? Also there are different styles of this bag right? Some I see have a longer flap that others.

    Any pics of yours? I'd love to see.
  4. The strap for the Station Bag is 48" Long and it's adjustable and detachable. It's still available on Coach's website (in Black) but it sells for $258 AND it's made in China.

    I'd "save a search' on ebay for "Station Bag" or "Style 5130"...then you will be able to find one of the oldies that has much better leather than the new ones AND more color choices.

    I've seen it in Navy, British Tan, Mahogany, Black and probably other colors.

    Great bag! Good luck with the Hunt!

  5. Thanks! This is a bag I think I would really enjoy! I would much prefer one of the older bags in great condition! The strap sounds nice and long!
  6. Lamb, yes, they are very wearable and comfortable.

    Mine are in storage right now, but I'll get them out this weekend for some pics. Please bump this thread on Friday and remind me. :smile:
  7. Is this a station bag I have so many Coach items do not remember the names:smile:

  8. i just found a navy one on Craigslist for $10!
  9. My only issue with station bags is they aren't big enough for what I want to carry, so I only get the Willis's for that reason.
  10. I have a Station Bag in Navy, bought in 1995. It has aged to an almost black color. It was my first Coach bag and I will never get rid of it. ;)
  11. I really think I would like one. If I can't find an older one in great shape I guess I would settle for a newer one.

    That is a station bag in the photo above :smile:
  12. I've had a few and love them! Good luck on finding the perfect one for you!
  13. I just purchased a red one on ebay. I can't wait to get it. I believe I purchased an older one, it's made in the USA. So I'm really looking forward to receive it.

    I'm usually an LV girl, but when I saw this bag in red I know I had to have it. What really drew me in was the long strap, I love crossbody bags!

    Lamb I hope you find one, there are a couple good condition ones on ebay right now.
  14. Congrats on a red one! I have seen the red on ebay and I just love it! Post pics when you get it! I am going to take my time and really find a great one. I have been looking on ebay too I wonder if the red one I saw is the one you got!
  15. So weird that this thread pops up because I was just looking at the willis bag on ebay. Does anybody have a modeling pic?