Who has a Speedy 30 and DOESN'T use a purse organizer?

  1. How do you keep it organized instead of just all strewn about? Do you use something other than a purse organizer?

    I purchased an organizer for my Speedy and totally love the idea of it, except it takes up more valuable space than I'd like. While my things are nicely organized, I can actually fit LESS things in my bag and that isn't what I want.

    It's my workhorse! :biggrin:
  2. Me! I just keep everything in separate pouches. I didn't like how the organizer makes it so boxy.
  3. I don't use an organizer. I use pochettes and cles to organize.
  4. I too, use pouches. I have a speedy 30 and I also use a base shaper, which helps keep things from not all sinking to one place, though on the rare occasion sometimes something slips underneath it :smile:
  5. I used to use pochettes, but am now awaiting for my samorga organizer. I have various pochettes (accessories/mini) toilette pouch 19 but didn't like how they still moved around- so I'm doing the reverse this time with my new speedy b 30. The glazing on my zipper organizer chipped from rubbing against the other items so I think the organizer is the best option for me.
  6. +1 but I have a 35
  7. I don't use one. It's a little more difficult to find your stuff, but it doesn't really bother me. I have a large wallet, which I can easily find. I use separate pouches to prevent small items from floating around in my bag. I tried a bag organizer for a while, but I don't find it as practical as I thought it would be. I thought I would use one organizer for all my bags (and for very small bags I don't need one, as I just take the essentials with me). But it turns out I should have at least three sizes of organizers, which is too much for me. I wanted to use one not because I find it difficult to organizer stuff in my bag, but because I thought it would be easy to transfer stuff from one bag to another. But if I have to use several organizers, this won't make it easier to me.
  8. Base shaper and pouches!
  9. Me! I have my mini pochette & TP 15 to keep me organized. I only carry those and my sunnies, ZCP and cles. I travel light. :speedy:
  10. I currently don't use an organizer. I have my samorga organizer on its way. I hope it doesn't give too much structure because I like my speedy to sag! Right now I only carry my wallet, my coin purse, my key holder, my checkbook, and my mini pochette with all my loose stuff. I just let my items float all around my bag. It bothers me sometimes when I'm. In a rush and need something, but really. ..it's not a huge deal.

    I bought a samorga organizer for my NF and didn't care for it, so I'm kinda shocked at myself that I bought one for my speedy.
    If I don't like it, I'll sell it on eBay.
  11. I don't use organizers, I don't really much so it's no a big problem.
  12. For almost 10 years I didn't use an organizer for my Speedy30. I carry a lot of "just in case" stuff with me and even though I used various pouches to organize things, my Speedy still felt like a bottomless pit.

    For about a year now, I have been using Samorga organizer and it made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the bag. Everything has its spot and easy access and the red of the organizer added a bit of pizzazz to my "work horse".

    For those, who wonder if Samorga organizer still leaves a bit of sag - it does (if you don't over stuff it). This organizer worth every penny and the looong wait for delivery.

  13. I use a pochette om to stay organized. My wallet is on the big side and my agenda.
  14. I have a base shaper to prevent sagging and everything is organized into a pochette, cosmetic case, and cles.
  15. I don't use one in my 2 speedy 30s. Like many others here I use a lot of SLGs to house things. It doesn't bother me that it's not overly organized, and I'm the neat and tidy type. For awhile I used a base shaper but ultimately decided that l prefer the rounded shape of the bag without one. I tried an organizer in my Neverfull and stopped using it after awhile, too. Just didn't appeal to me.