Who has a speedy 25 or 30? Pros & Cons?

  1. Who has a speedy 25 or 30? I really want the speedy in damier azur but dont know which size to get. carried my friends 30 once and it seemed perfect but at times the sag made it look too big for my 5'4 height..help!! Suggestions please and also the good and bad of it. THANKS :tup:
  2. I have both sizes but carry the 25 more.
  3. I have had both the 25 and 30 and prefer the look of the 25 in azur.
  4. Some say the opening of the 25 is too small...is it?
  5. I have the 25 and at first I thought it was a good size and i'm 5'4" and i want the 30 now just to have some extra room would be nice. I'm carrying the 25 in my avatar you can see the size there.
  6. I have the 25 in my opinion the best things about it is that it can become formal and it sags less. I don't carry loads and the 25 fits all of that with plenty of space left for say.. bottle of water or umbrella. It really depends on how much you carry :smile:

    EDIT: Plus the opening is fine for me, I have quite a wide purse and I've never found the 25 cumbersome.
  7. It depends on the other bags you (may) have. I think it's nice to have different sizes. My duomo is 32, my priscilla 28 and now I'm going voor a speedy 25.
  8. Thanks for all ur opinions...it seems like most of you guys favor the 25. I thought the best way to decide which one I want was to go to the LV store and try both out, and I liked the 30 more. but when i actually got to use it, it seemed too big...guess I have to go back to the store
  9. I was debating between the 25 & 30 also, but after I went to the store, I decided on the 30 - I'm 5'6", so that might had made a difference. Personally, I think it looks better for people around my height and taller.
  10. I have the 25 and I am 5'7" ~ I don't need that big of a bag. It seems like the perfect size to me. I am seriously thinking of getting the Azur right now. :heart:
  11. i think the 25 has a lot of room already and it looks cuter to me :yes:
  12. I have the mono 30 and I LOVE it. I have yet to fill it up yet, but I put a magazine on the bottom so it wouldn't sag.

    I do like the 25 better in the azur though. The pattern and size make it look a little more dressy and feminine I think. That will be next bag.
  13. I sold my 25s cause the opening was too small for me. I now only own 30s.
  14. If it's the sag that bothers you, you can easily fix it by putting something on the bottom. Like a piece of cardboard or something like that. After that's fixed, it looks super HOT. IMO the 25 is too small for me.
  15. I have a mono 25 and really wish I had gotten the 30. At the time the 25 seemed big on me (I'm 5'4" so it's really not!).

    Pro: timeless, classic, works with suits or with a t-shirt and flip flops. Even the 25 holds a lot more than you'd think!

    Con: no cell phone holder! The slit pocket is too small for one.