Who has a Sloane?

  1. And is it heavy?

    I did a search, and I found posts commenting that other styles are heavy, but nothing on the Sloane. About to purchase my first Kooba :yahoo:
  2. I have one and I don't think it's much heavier than my Sienna really. Of course, I don't think I've carried it truly loaded up yet, but what I've had in it hasn't bothered me.

    You'll love the bag! What color are you getting?
  3. Thinking about the black one, which one do you have?
  4. Mine is honey. I think the black is simply fabulous and very classic.

    (someone posted this picture earlier of theirs, so I'm just using it to show the color of mine since I haven't taken pics of it yet)
  5. i dont have one but when i was at the sample sale i tried both the sloane and the lena and the sloane doesnt feel that heavy but i think it DEf would if you filled it up

    its big enough that it could easily be a work bag and could hold a ton but i think it would get really really heavy

    i was picking it for someone else and the main request was that it wasnt heavy and so i went with the lena for them and they were so soso pleased,,,so i would be careful cause i could see it being VERY heavy if full,,,
  6. Nice! :yes:
  7. Maybe I should just take my current bag and see if a SA at Neiman's would just let me transfer everything into the Sloane for a couple of minutes and tote it around the store.
  8. i think thats a really good idea and im SURE they would! :smile:

    Just that way you can see if what you carry on a regular basis would be too much and weigh it down or if what you carry isnt so much that it gets too heavy and then it would be perfect for you! :smile:

    (but if it does feel too heavy you could concider the Lena as its the sloane just smaller :smile: )

    its important to make sure your shoulder arent being weighed down when you buy a bag very very bad for the back :smile:
  9. Boo...I tried it, and it's too heavy. There was a Lena there as well, and that was also too heavy. I guess there goes my Kooba dream. :crybaby:

    I only started liking leather material this past year. Previously, I stuck with canvas. I guess I'm just not used to heavy bags.
  10. Why not start with a smaller Kooba like a Jessie or a Nina or Jillian? Work your way up to the heavy stuff. :yes:
  11. I just really liked the size of the Sloane. It was good for work. I'll keep looking, thanks!
  12. I have the Sloane in black and love it! It's a great bag for work and play. It's not heavy to me, but I will admit that I typically carry a big bag so I am a bit biased!
  13. What color Sloanes were at the sale?
  14. My first 'proper' leather bag was an Isabella Fiore hobo, and with all the chains and brass rings on it....it was heaaaavy! Im hoping the Lena will be lighter than that or my shoulder bone will start to wear away!
  15. The Lena feels like it's twice as heavy as the sloane. That pic was of my sloane, which I have since returned. It wasn't very heavy, but when I tried the Lena on it was very heavy, even w/o anything in it!