who has a Scarf tote?

  1. could i ask anyone who has this bag to post photos of what theirs looks like? is there anyway to spot a fake with this bag?
  2. I ordered one from Neimans online and they say it will deliver today. I will post pics when it arrives
  3. omg thank you so much!! :smile:
  4. I have one, but I don't have a detailed pic of it or with me in it, but I'll try to find my camera when I get home.
  5. I do! Here is a pic of it.

  6. Man Erica, I can't get enough of your beautiful scarf tote!!
  7. I want to find a scarf like the one in my bag so I can wear it in my hair when I use my tote.
  8. :love:!!
  9. I just saw this bag today when I visited Neiman Marcus. I did not check out the price, so do you mind if I ask you how much you paid for it? I am so jealous.
  10. Love, love,love that bag:love::love::love:.
    Is is part of the fall collection? It is just gorgeous.
  11. The bag is 1295.

  12. I believe it is a fall bag.
  13. yep-That is a fall bag..My SA at Saks said it was 1280-
  14. ^ Do you find it too big..I was scared to get it cuz it was a tad bigger than I normally wear...LOVE the scarf color!
  15. wow-I hit 4000 posts here!LOL!.oy vey...