Who Has a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag?

  1. Anyone have one? I love the looks of it but was wondering if it collapses on itself when not full. What about quality? Here is a Mini from AE that looks perfect. The leather reminds me a Little of Gustto bags.

  2. My best friend was debating one, but after checking it in person decided against it because she wanted more structure, if that helps. I think she ended up with a Botkier Sasha, but who knows, I don't talk to her for a week, she becomes a dominatrix, and chases down Chanel limited edition perfumes for 2 days for the purpose of being the only one on the Lower West side to have it. But I digress! :smile:

    I don't have any personal knowledge, but I adore the name, and I feel like something called the Morning After bag can be worth it on name alone. :graucho:
  3. I own a Morning After (not mini) in pearlized white. I got mine at a great sale price, so it is worth every penny!

    It's a very scrunchy, supple leather. It holds it's rectangle shape, but does collapse when not full. Also, if you fill it with heavier items, the bottom does bow down a bit if that makes sense (kind of the like the LV Speedy).

    Are you sure that is a picture of the mini? It looks like the regular Morning After to me.
  4. That's definitely the mini.

    I have the regular MA in the royal and basketweave. check my collection thread in my signature below for pics of my RM bag.

    When it's not full it's definitely slouchy.
  5. Oh that bag is so cute! I;ve neaver heard of it - what a fun name/conversation topic-ha ha!!:p
  6. Thanks Luna for the pics. You have a wonderful collection. Made me sorry that I sold My MK Astor in luggage. That was a cool bag. I definitely think I like the Mini over the Regular MA. I don't carry a huge amount day to day.
  7. I have the large one and it does collapse when it's not full; the leather is very soft...but it was too large for me so I'm selling mine. I think I should have gone with the mini.
  8. OOh we are looking at the same bag!
    I am waiting it out to see if it will go on sale - to have realized that it use to cost significantly less really bothered me....
  9. I have the reg. size in royal w/ basket weave as well... and it's gorgeous in person... but yea quite big... especially when I'm so short... I just love it so I guess I don't mind if it's too big... big is in no?! haha...
  10. Here is a pic of the chocolate (regular size) compared to a LV Speedy 30. The RM collapses somewhat, while the LV holds it's shape.

  11. I have the regular size in the blue/basketweave. It's gorgeous but big, and sometimes I wish I had gone for the mini instead, because when it's not full it doesn't stay "square" but sort of hangs down. However, nothing beats this bag when you are carrying a lot of stuff plus a sweater or something! I use it on planes, etc. and it does fit over the shoulder.