who has a pic of cruise black reissue ?

  1. i want to buy this bag but since i am far away from my chanel boutique i have to do the purchase over the phone ... i need to see this bag before decide to garb it .. the SA describe it as a vintage leather not shiny with vintage /aged chains... any pics please TODAY please ?? :heart::heart:
  2. there may be better ones than this elsewhere in the forum ~ but have this for starters
  3. Thaaaank you sweetheart :heart:

    if therez any more i don't mind:drool::love:
  4. Chanelle hi:smile: !are you sure she said cruise? Because last fall there was the black distressed reissue(not metallic but in the regular reissue leather) with gold vintage chains and h/w released and also the black metallic reissue with tarnished dark silver h/w released a bit earlier.
    could it be that she was referring to the upcoming S/S 2008 bags? cause I think I saw the regular leather in the colour swatch Aliceshek posted!
    Did she say What colour h/w?
  5. Hiii chanelspell :love: No i don't think she was referring to the ss08 because i ask her about that but she said they didn't receive any of ss08 and she tell it is from cruise & therez only one piece left ... she describe it as a black vintage matte leather with tarnished silver h/w ... :heart: i don't prefer shiny leather :push: ..... what do you think??
  6. hi Chanelle :flowers:I on my part don't prefer tarnished silver on a black or dark coloured bag because I think the bag has to make a contrast somehow with the H/W!I still can't make out which reissue it is:confused1: it sounds like the metallic but as you say this is matt .Maybe a bag I don't know of I guess !
    Have you made a search in the reference Library subforum?
    Do check it under the thread with the black bags or the classic flaps and reissue thread :yes:I hope you get to find a pic in there !I'm really curious too which this bag might be!:girlsigh:
  7. i tried to search but the search engine is disabled currently :sad: ..
    you know i am also in a doubt that it is the metalic black !! :sweatdrop: but i can't tell until i see it IRL :girlsigh: let's wait & see ... will keep you up to date ;)
  8. I think it's the metalllic black too!:smile:
  9. any pics pleeeeeeeeze :girlsigh:
  10. Is this the same as the anniversary reissue?
  11. i really have no idea ... that's why i want to see it before buying

    "vintage matt black leather NOt shiny, we will receive shiny black for ss08" that what she said to me :confused1:
  12. I think most SA are a bit confusing when you talk to them...I have a feeling shes talking about the metallic black reissue...its actually not shiny in real life though but it would really suit you...she might also be talking about the patent when she says shiny black for 2008
  13. chanelobsessed you made my day by your input :nuts::heart:

    i think ill go for it since i get bored waiting the black with g/h :push:

  14. :smile: Anytiime...You couldnt find the black with gold h/w? Where have you looked for it?
    Im dyingggggg over the red reissue and the green...super sexy I tell you loool.
    Missyourface girl!
  15. Chanelle, there are indeed 2.55s for cruise but not for 08C. Distressed white patent 2.55 for example was released for 06C.

    Sounds like your SA may be talking about this 2.55 - distressed black leather, not metallic or patent, with silver tarnished chain. I love this 2.55 and it is my favourite Chanel handbag:flowers::
    Chanel 2.55 black distressed with tarnished silver hw1.JPG