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  1. I'm torn between green and pink. If anyone can PLEASE post pics of them carrying it, that would be fantastic!!!:upsidedown:

  2. I vote for green- it's nice and fresh! The fuschia is nice but notmy favorite.
  3. I have a green and I love it!!! I really want a fuschia though, and I was going to get one, but unforseen financial troubles came up, so now I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my hands on one :sad: But when I chose my green, I based that on what kind of color most of my clothes are.. since I have a lot of clothes that don't go with pink/fuschia, I decided on the green one..
  4. Here you go:

  6. I have the green Speedy and it is so vibrant...I love it!
  7. Your shape is tdf... :love: I wish I was as skinny as you... :crybaby:
  8. michelle, you look great! i love the speedy perfo on you.

  9. Michelle you are beautiful and this bag look great on you
    My vote would go to fuschia!!
  10. Michelle, you are gorgeous..the bag looks great on you..
  11. Gorgeous! I would go for the green.
  12. Aww thanks all : )

    John: Uh. I have the body of a 13 year old girl. LOL. Do you really want that? Hee hee. Seriously, my stomach is a problem area though. Damn kids! But, it's nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix. :whistle:
  13. i have the orange.. but if i had to choose between green and fuschia id get fuschia.. not big on green
  14. i had the orange....
    i'd go for fuschia~its a lota cuter~~
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