Who has a patchwork bag??--PICS ONLY

  1. I just started a thread about this but for some reason it was closed. :shrugs:

    I'm not looking for chatter on the bags. I know ther are plenty of threads for that.:p

    I just want to see pics.:drool:

    They were officially relelased April 1st and are trickling into stores.

    The speedy, the bowly, the cabby, the posty.....who has 'em????:graucho:

    I will post pics when mine comes:wlae:

    thanks !!:nuts:
  2. not yet mine hasn't arrived so far
  3. Not yet...I am on the list and hopefully I will get my Posty!
  4. Not yet...But I've been FOREVER waitlisted for the Bowly and the Posty, so I'll post pics as soon as I get mine!:yes:
  5. I'm on a list for Blue Speedy and Grey Bowly! My store hasn't received any, but I heard NY store received a few Blue Bowly....
  6. I want the grey speedy but my store doesn't have it yet
  7. LADIES I love all of you but this thread could get really long if we don't stick to to the title of ---

  8. maybe add this thread to the club section? JMO
  9. Got my Bowly in Blue today! Although it's totally me, and GORGEOUS in my eyes, I just don't think I'm going to keep it...:sad:

    TOO BIG, the handles are not long enough, and it barely goes on my shoulder. I tend not to use bags that are not worn on the shoulder...They just end up sitting in my closet...And this one is too expensive to sit in my closet...What a shame...:crybaby:

    PATCHWORK 011.jpg PATCHWORK 013.jpg PATCHWORK 017.jpg PATCHWORK 019.jpg PATCHWORK 023.jpg
  10. Here's my Speedy patchwork> It's TDF!





  11. wow love your bag
  12. I like the inside lining of this bag..
  13. I received the grey Bowly earlier this week. I like it a lot... the size, handle length, exterior pockets, and the yummy interior fabric. The black/grey works really well for me since I mostly wear black. I'm a happy camper... :yahoo:

  14. Very nice! : )
  15. Could you please post some modeling pics??????