Who has a passy pm...

Sep 26, 2006
...and can tell me about the good and the not so good things about this bag?

I am 99% sure that I will buy myself this bag in red but want to have a last reality check;) So, do you like it? When do you take it? How is it in everyday use? Are you carrying it all day or just for work? With what clothes do you combine it?

Thank you all so much for your help and patience, this forum is so helpful!
I have it, and I really like it.

For me, the Passy pm is so much like Speedy (as for the function) except it's easier to use because there're compartments for you to organize your stuffs.

I'm using it almost everyday...and carring it to work and to school. I pair it with jeans...(that's my uniform now)

I have the passy pm and I love it :yes: . I can wear it with jeans or with a suit, so I can use it for both casual and business. I think it's good because of the various compartments so it's a very organised bag, it's also low maint. so I don't have to worry about rain, scratching etc. Oh, the handles are longer too compared to the Speedy so for me it sits better on my arm than the Speedy.

The only bad thing I have to say is that it can be heavy. Even with minimal items in the bag, it feels kind of heavy for me, maybe because it is Epi leather and not canvas.

Overall it's a great bag and I think you should def. get it :love:
i don't have the passy but i am thinking about getting it in the future. i love the compartments. do you mind having a bag that you won't be able to close? if safety isn't an issue, go for it! i also noticed that some passy has some leather creasing issue when carrying too much so you might want to look into that as well.
All I can say about the Passy PM is that:
I LOVE IT.. I have a black one and I am getting the Red one as well. I love shopping with it. It holds so much with out feeling weighted down.
You will be very pleased with it.. go for it.. for sure:yes:
i have been debating a red passy too! so the pm is the smaller one? the sa didn't show it to me she just told me about it. i tried on a big one- it felt huge. i think just the regular passy?
Wonderful, now I am absolutely sure to get one...I love the compartments and I think in red it is playful and can be dressed up.
MissL I have noticed in the shop that it gets a bit heavy when packed but I think it is still better for my back then carrying my heavy shouler bags.
I think as it has an inside compartment with a zipper where I could store the more valuable items it is ok that it is open.

Does anybody have pictures modeling the bag? Preferably in casual and more formal clothes? Sorry to ask, but it would be very good to see pictures and I can find very few here...:search: