who has a mini lin (dune) noe?

  1. was never a fan of mini lin nor noe but i saw this bag on eluxury and fell in love. it looks soooo pretty! does anybody own this bag yet? i think the noe is pretty big and would love this in petit noe (i'm only 5 ft 1 in) but i would like to see a picture of this bag and maybe modelling pics? :yes: TIA!
  2. [​IMG]
    this is the one on eluxury! is it new? just wondering since i didn't get any response to my question. i'm hoping someone has bought this already so i can see modelling pics. :yes:
  3. i have the petit noe and noe, and i'm 5'4. i think you should get the petit noe =].
  4. I didn't see anyone posting pics of the mini lin noe (dune) in the LV subforum, so I guessed no one got it yet!
  5. I wish i could get it.
  6. very pretty...
  7. edz- it is very pretty isn't it?
    laeyn- i wish they made petit noe in mini lin dune but i'm not sure
    i just love how it looks but i'm sure it will be big on me.
  8. It's going to be huge. I ordered it, but will regret it because I know it will be as large as the Noe itself. I'm 5'2'' btw already ginormious on me! But I just had to see IRL before returning it. Good luck it is gorgeous. Some ppl don't care about size. It's more the attitude on how you rock the bag.
  9. please let me know how it is when you see it. post pics if you can. it is lovely.
  10. I don't have it. I wish it was made in the petit noe! It'll be too HUGE on me, but you never knoe, I may take my chances and get it.
  11. I like the look of it and I also wish it came in petit.