Home & Garden Who has a marble kitchen coutertop?


Jan 20, 2012
Do you have a marble countertop in your kitchen? How is that working out?

I have always been advised against it, but I see it sometimes on HGTV. I have not fallen for anything quartz or granite. I was planning to do black granite, but never really loved it, and I'm starting to get tired of that idea. I love light colors.

I just bought some beautiful polished marble tile for my fireplace, and it is the most gorgeous thing I have seen. It is white with lots of gray in it and rust colored veins. It's like a work of art. I could stare at it all day.

I started googling how to polish marble and I may be willing to buy the tools to do that occasionally if it etches. I bought top of the line sealer for the fireplace tile. I guess I can see how the fireplace works out.

So, is the marble kitchen countertop working out for you?

Here is my fireplace tile (not yet installed, it is actually much prettier and more colorful than this):



Aug 7, 2008
when we renovate, we plan to get a marble countertop. I've done a lot of research on it as well because I was initially worried about the maintenance, etching, staining, etc. I cook all the time, so my kitchen won't just be decorative like those of celebs and in magazines. I've learned to just accept that it won't be as durable as granite for example, and although I'm pretty anal, I've accepted that because I love the look of marble so much. I think if you're willing to accept that over time your marble will have imperfections, then go for it. I already know that if there are any spills, I'll have to wipe it up immediately, but with my OCD nature, I can't bear to let anything sit anyways.

However, I've strayed away from getting a marble dining table because I worry that guests will be reckless and dirty lol.


Jan 7, 2011
I have clients with marble kitchen countertops, and they love them. They are big cooks, too. I've heard mixed recipes from professionals regarding marble in the kitchen, but some swear that sealing it (yearly?) does the trick. They are so gorgeous, and I would totally have them myself if they were more popular in my market.


Feb 3, 2007
Agreed, black granite is a nightmare. Every mark and finger shows.

Marble can be difficult because it won't stay perfect. Some people say a honed finish helps reduce the amount of etching that can be seen but it also allows for a greater chance of staining. Sealer will help with staining but not etching. I have heard that certain marble will oxidize and change color over time - not sure if that is truth. Being porous, be careful of the grout color as it can discolor the marble over time.


Dec 18, 2008
I wouldn't put white marble counter tops in. When we were looking at houses a number in our neighbour had them and they were all stain. We have carrera marble throughout the house, incl. our master bathroom which has it everywhere (shower, countertops, walls, floors) and we have to keep the countertops sparse since everything seems to leave a mark. It is stunning to look at!


Jan 3, 2008
I am about to put in marble. I know the risk but I'm ok with it. I have granite but hate it. I like some of the man made surface but they do not take heat well-I'm more worried about that than staining.
If you want the beauty of marble, but with more durability, quartzite (not quartz!) is gorgeous and very durable-more so than granite.
I like the plain caesarstone, but not the faux marble kind.


Aug 26, 2011
I have marble and love the look. I went through exactly what you are going through. I could not find granite or any other material I loved after visiting countless yards.

Scores of people (none who actually have marble in their kitchen) told me not to get marble because it causes permanent damage, is porous, stains, etch, you can't drink red wine, use tomato, make pasta ... all wrong! I cook!

I started to examine "used" marble at museums, restaurants, clothing stores and decided it is worth the risk. You can do whatever you want :smile: except leave a mess on your countertop.

Yes, you will have some marks, but it adds to the beauty of marble.


Jun 29, 2007
My friend has marble and hates how it has gotten etched. I love the look of marble counters but my kitchen designer strongly advised against it. We decided to do white quartz counters with honed (and sealed) calacatta gold marble subway tile backsplash. We have a partial counter of reclaimed wood.

I also have a polished Carrara marble table in my patio for my marble fix and it has some stains/etching.

By the way, I thought about a quartz counter since there are some amazing stones but I decided to go with a simple counter and busier backsplash. We also considered a solid marble slab backsplash. Gorgeous but $$$.


Jun 16, 2010
we have put in honed calacatta caldia marble throughout our remodel. i am very ocd and cook everyday, and i was warned to stay away from marble, but i loved the look too much...

we've been living with it for over a year, and i am so happy with the choice. we did counters and backsplash in the kitchen, even over the range (greasy splatters!), laundry room (and dog washing area), bathrooms, bar, closet, etc. even our main dining table top.

it is all honed, but it did noticeably etch here and there from lemon juice and who knows what in the kitchen - i'm neat, but the rest of the household is messy and i'm okay with that. btw, it has never stained, even having coffee spills overnight.

our marble fabricator recommended when the etches get to be too much to look at, that i can re-hone it myself with fine grit paper and a little sander (the "mouse" one by black and decker). before the holidays, i tried it and it was very easy and it worked -- looks good as new again. after clearing the counter tops, it took maybe all of 10 minutes, including applying the sealer. sealer should be done annually or perhaps more if you notice the water doesn't bead up as it should. annual seems to have worked for us though...

none of this applies to polished marble, i think that is harder to keep pristine. but i liked having the honed, and knowing that there is the potential to get a "do-over" with a light sand, if the etching every gets too bad. (btw, you had to bend down at the right angle and light to see them at their worst.)