Who has a Linea Pelle Dylan Satchel? Question, please...

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  1. Hi there! Does anyone have this Linea Pelle DYLAN Satchel?
    I always go for a shoulder bag with one strap, but was wondering about the straps on this bag. Are they comfortable and do they both STAY on your shoulder? I seem to have a problem with two strap bags; the outer strap always wants to fall off! This have a 9.5 inch drop and says it is a "shoulder bag".
    Any advice on this bag would be great. Thanks!
    I love it!
  2. HA, ha! Too studdy! :roflmfao:
    I was wondering if it was going to look to "biker-chick" for me!
    Maybe in a color other than black....
    I am looking for a GREAT black bag and seem to be stuck!
  3. I have had this bag in papricka for several weeks and just love it!!! When ordering it I thought long and hard because in some photos it looked yellow and others orange. It is neither. Somewhere in between, with some tan thrown in. Just great with jeans!I have no problems with the handles and like the pocket up front and the fact that both the main opening and pocket zip close. I will say however the bag kind of jingles with the logo zip pulls and leather straps! But the leather is gorgeous and the price was very right! Barb
  4. I don't have that same exact bag, but I have one that is similar -


    I like the versatility of having the shorter straps for my arm and the longer strap for my shoulder altho I've honestly never had a need to use the longer strap on this bag. The double handles are long enough to hang comfortably on my shoulder, even over a heavier jacket, and they stay in place nicely. I love that bag. The leather is so heavenly!!
  5. Ooh I have the same bag ILuvMyBags! I have it in Iron. The straps on these bags are made of a soft leather so they stay on the shoulder a lot better than those that are a stiff leather. They have something in them to give them shape. I use my long strap a lot for a cross body style when I'm doing a lot of shopping or walking around.
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  7. i have the dylan satchel in a navy color and i love it! the leather is so soft the handles stay on just fine and its big!! holds everything!! :smile:
  8. Thanks for sharing with us, gorgeous bag!
  9. I have a similiar style, the Dylan Small Tote in Papaya.

    I do like the leather on this bag, it is soft and slouchy and different than my other bags. I keep thinking I will sell this baby but 3 times I have put it back into the closet to keep.

    It does not stay on my shoulder easily, that is the double strap thing more so than the style of strap. I carry mine in the crook of my arm. If you are small you will have no trouble carrying it on your shoulder.

    If you worry about two handles why not do the messenger in this style. LP has a great price on it right now..go for it:


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