Who has a Large Bleecker Duffle?

  1. How heavy is the large bleecker duffle. It is just about the same size as the multi function tote. So it got me thinking I could get that to stuff my books and lab top in. However, if it is heavy then I dont want it! Thanks
  2. With all my stuff in it (wallet, checkbook, iPod, 2 bottles of lotion, some makeup, bottle of vitamins, bottle of headache pills), it is about 3 pounds by my estimation.
  3. I can't answer all your questions because I don't have the tote but I don't find it to be heavy. I used to carry the Legacy Ali (06) and honestly think that was heavier than the large duffle is. I carried it all day yesterday and never found it to be uncomfortable.
  4. I have the Bleeker Duffle and do not find it heavy at all. It is a great bag! I run around NYC all day with it and it is not heavy at all compared to my Alis. Please see pictures below. I would not mind at all if Coach made a Canvas Version of this bag for the Spring 2008. I love it so much that I would buy it a second time.
    IMG0001_15.jpg IMG0001_16.jpg IMG0001_17.jpg

  5. How tall are you? It doesnt look as big as I thought it would. I do not know if it would fit my laptop:s
  6. I don't own a laptop so I cannot tell you that it fits a laptop. Katrynar has a small Macbook though and she said that it fits in the Bleeker large Duffle which she is considering buying in Magenta. I am 5 ft 2 inches and weigh 118 lbs. I love this bag though and would recommend it highly.
  7. Okay I am 5.4 and weigh *** so it seems it would fit. I want it in wine so bad. I have fallen in love with this. DH got me an awesome laptop case backpack for my bd but it is heavy I cant carry any books so I wanted a purse that can also become a laptop case. I have a 15.4 but I think it should fit size wise its about the same size as the multi function tote. I want it in wine so bad!!!!!
  8. ::acting as your inner voice::

    Get it...get it...get it!!! :angel:

  9. I will probably get it depending on what my mother thinks. I am hoping to get a PCE invite and her and I are going on a shopping spree with my Christmas Bonus money. YEAH ME!!!!
  10. Here are some pictures of my bottle green large Bleeker Duffle. I hope this aids in your decision. I did have the rust but decided the Bottle Green was the color I truly wanted. I just took these pictures.
    IMG0003_14.jpg IMG0001_40.jpg IMG0002_9.jpg
  11. ink:



    not heavy at all...my large carly(s) are much heavier...empty and full.
  12. Here's mine to add to the enabling! LOL! I'm 5'5" and a size 14.


  13. Well I just got bad news for my husband (he has lost the DH)! I just got a lecture on how I do not need this because I have a good backpack for my laptop and that if I got that big of a Coach bag I would be a target for it getting stolen on school campus. :crybaby:
  14. Aw! I know it's not easy to take but and this is important, he is thinking of your safety which is more important than any Coach bag! If it would jeopardize your safety, it isn't worth having. I hope you can get it later and maybe not use it on campus for your laptop.
  15. I have the large duffle in bleeker and would not recommend putting a laptop into the bag for regular use - the bag fits a magazine or two and a few thin folders comfortably, but I think a laptop would be too much.