Who has a Dooney and Bourke?

  1. I know this whole thing against D&B has been going on for a while, and I'm guilty of not liking D&B since I'm an LV fan. However, I just got a mini-barrel bag from my boyfriend (a white IT bag), and because I know he got it out of the goodness of his heart (a "just because" present :heart: ), I don't hate it...in fact, it's beginning to grow on me, and I kinda like it. Although I still feel a quality difference compared to the LV canvas, it's still cute and nice-looking, and it's a good everyday work bag. And I know the leather trim will patina just like my LVs.

    Needless to say, I don't think I'll convert to D&B, but if I do want another bag, it may probably be from their lesser-known lines like the nubuck or alto line.

    So there, I admit having a dooney. Does anyone else? Also, does anyone know of any celebrity who owns a D&B (since I see celebs with LV, Gucci, Fendi, and even Coach)?
  2. I have a red Alto tassel tote and I love it. :yes:
  3. I've got an AWL satchel from the early 1990s. It was my first *big* purchase and all the rage back in the day. The quality is amazing. Admittedly, I haven't carried her in years and I don't have any more D&B beyond that...
  4. crochetbella- that's a really pretty bag! Couldn't tell that was a D&B, but then again, I'm no expert on D&B, and all I see are the logoed/overplayed styles.

    Pursegrrl- I've heard about AWL being a great bag, but I also hear it's very heavy. True?

    Although I've seen celebrities endorse D&B, I find it quite interesting that I can find practically no celebrities who personally have a D&B (correct me if I'm wrong).
  5. Thanks Bernz! It's actually the back of the bag (it has tassels on the front) but I was using it for a scarf tying demo. :lol: It is a great bag and just gets prettier with age. I'd highly recommend the Alto line. It's made in Italy. :flowers: I forgot to say I also have 3 AWL bags from the early 90's. My first designer bags. ;)
  6. I do! My amazing husband bought her for me in LA a couple years ago. I was so excited - the most $$ I'd ever spent on a purse. It is in great shape, and it's Made In Italy. It hurts a little bit to read everyone trashing D&B in this forum... although I agree that their current styles really aren't my taste. But then again, there's a lot of LV stuff that I really don't like either. Everyone is different.

    I'll never stop carrying this bag - I still love it, it's very sentimental to me and I really love the colour. I am trying to upload a photo - but it's not working...

    Anyhoo - she's real purdy.
  7. Yes, the alto line does seem pretty good. I dunno, we'll see. ;) I'm still in the process of getting a new leather Coach bag/LV bag, but I really want to expand my collection with vintage Fendis (I'm partial to those over the new Fendis), a Burberry, a Gucci doctor satchel...and maybe even another dooney.

    I also forgot to mention that my little purse is made in the United States NOT Mexico, as some of their other bags. I've also seen bags from their graffiti line being made in Italy.
  8. Cowgirl- what kind of purse is it? From what line?
  9. i only have one and I think it is about 12 years old i guess that makes it a vinate D & B :P I :heart: that little bag.
  10. I don't hate D&B, I just think it is for a younger audience and many of teir designs seem to "copies" of more famous designs like the papillon the speedy and the gucci hobo. But whatever floats your boat.
  11. I have several Dooneys. I even named my bird "Dooney"! They were my first "designer" handbag purchase. I have sold most of my D&Bs now but I kept a denim saddle bag, a black tapestry barrel bag, and a vintage all-weather-leather drawstring bag. I don't like alot of their collections now but the leathers are still very nice, imo.

    Even though I've moved "up" to LVs and Coaches, I still use my D&B's sometimes.
  12. I have 2. I have a vintage navy blue AWL doctor's bag, and a periwinkle IT bucket bag. I like them both. The AWL is nice, and the bucket was a gift from my sister, so I'll never get rid of it. It makes a nice throw around bag, and goes great with jeans. :yes:
  13. I got a Dooney last x-mas from my then b/f. I loved it but now I don't use it as much. It's from the doodle line I thought it was really cute at the time but then I start thinking that it's a little kiddish for someone my age.
  14. Wow, this is really interesting. Never knew how many people actually had a D&B on this board. When I see D&B in my area, it seems like everybody has one, which is why I didn't like it in the beginning. But I have to admit that I think there are nice styles...just not the logoed ones that everyone has.

    When I go online, I'm more likely to find D&B fans who are preteens and teenagers.
  15. It's the zip-zip satchel from the Nile Collection. It's a red/hot pink. I am going to try again later to upload a photo. It's the same look as the Alma... I didn't know at the time that it was a knock off of another design. And I don't know if that would have stopped me from buying it. It looks awesome with everything from jeans to black eve-wear. And it holds a ton!

    It's nice to see that others have D&B on this forum!! :rolleyes: