Who has a Damier Azur Speedy? Tell me all about it

  1. I'm thinking about this bag now. I really want an Azur piece. I was wanting the Pameplonne but decide to pass because of the weight and size of it.

    Now I am thinking about a Speedy.:idea:

    I used to own a mono 35 speedy and sold it. Mainly because I hated the sag. And also because I thought the mono speedy was way too common.

    Will an azur 30 sag a little less? probably not huh?

    Anyway I'd like to hear from everyone who owns an Azur speedy

    -what do you wear it with
    -does it get dirty easily
    -is it high maintenance
    -does it sag terribly

  2. I have the azur speedy 30 and it still sags just as much as the others. I like it like that. I actually think the 25 looks a little better in this pattern. If you hate the sag, then I wouldn't get it if I were you. The Saleya pm and mm in the azur is beautiful, too. Those hold their shape much better.

  3. Does the 25 sag any less than the others because of the small size?
  4. It sags like any other speedy but not as saggy as mini lin speedy
    I agree with TexasGirl, may be you should consider Saleya in Azur..
  5. I have 25 and yes..like any 25 , it doesn't sag as much..
  6. 1. I wear it with casual clothes, jeans, pullover, cardigans, etc.
    2. It doesn't get dirty faster than other ones, if that's what you mean. Just be sure not to throw it around just anywhere and it'll be fine! ;)
    3. Not really, I wipe the canvas down with baby wipes once a week or so.
    4. It sags a teeny bit if I don't have much in it. Having a purseket definitely helps with the sagging :yes:

    I :heart: my Azur speedy!!! Go get one! I've only seen one other one so far so it isn't that common... yet.

    ETA: I also think it looks better in the 25 - less sag :smile: If you really can't stand any sag, you could put something at the bottom? :shrugs: Or you could get the Saleya, I think it's totally gorgeous!!!
  7. The 25 doesn't really sag. I have Azur in 25 and Mono in 30... I don't carry that much w/ me and the 25 stays in good shape :yes:

  8. Ahhh ....so attentive you are!! :heart: You answered all my questions.

    Which size do you have?
  9. I have the 25 and it does sag, but a neat trick (that I learned here) is to put a piece of cardboard in the bottom. That is what I did for both my Damier Azur and Damier pieces. It is a very casual bag, so I wear it with jeans mostly. It is a little more difficult to keep clean, but as someone else said, baby wipes do the trick. :smile: I think you should go for it!
  10. Another thing that I remembered about my old mono speedy were the short handles.

    It kind of bothered me for some reason. I have both MC speedies and used to have a neo speedy. Those all have the chunkier square brass hardware piece on each handle so it is a tad bit longer. its only a small difference but I could really tell when I carried it.

    Am I the only one who noticed this?

    Perhaps its just something I'd have to get used to if I bought one :shrugs:
  11. No problem! :flowers: I have the 25!
  12. Does anyone find it annoying having to carry it on the arm all the time? Also has anyones bag patina-ed yet? Can I see pics please :smile:
  13. i have the mono speedy 30, and it sags a lot. i am infact considering selling it. but my DH got me the azur speedy 25 and i love it! less saggy and just perfect for my needs. i wear it with jeans and a crisp white shirt. so far, no dirt problem- surprisingly not as high maintenance as i thought it would be. because of the vachetta of course you have to be careful but other than that- i loooove my azur speedy 25!:wlae: :heart: :wlae:
  14. I have Az.S 25, and I think the canvas is actually thinner then mono, so it tends to sag more. BTW anyone have noticed that? Sag factor doesn't bother me, but I did put the curboard inside:smile:

    It fits very comfortable on the arm IMO, so you don't get tired carrying it. It goes very nicely with jeans, and even dark colors.

    Against all odds, it doesn't look bad with the winter jacket (a beige in my case)at all! It gets dirty no more or less then mono, as someone said you may wipe it with BW occasionally:smile: I've been wearing mine everyday since November 1st ( Yeah, I am one of those LV geeks who had to get it on the day it came out), and it became 2 shades darker. It looks really good with patina actually, more "high quality" if you like. When I first got it, I was thrown back a little because It "felt" very plain.

    I can't promise, but will try posting pictures later if I find my camera:smile: Overall, I love this bag, it is very versatile and unique at the same time.


  15. Oh that would be great!! I would :heart: to see pics with patina.