Who has a carryall?

  1. [​IMG]

    I like the look of this bag. But i don't travel a lot. This is small enough to be a weekender or overnight bag, right? That's about all the traveling I've been doing lately. LOL

    Anyway if anyone has it I would love to see pics carried and also hear some feedback

  2. i Love this Bag!! was tracey bingham on vh1's surreal games carrying it? she had a carryall that looked like this on an episode

  3. I watch that show and I thought that hers was the longer keepall version. :shrugs:
  4. eek...I wasen't sure:girlsigh: she has so many!!
  5. I like this bag too and hope to buy one someday.
  6. yeuxhonnetes has this and you can see her collection in Visual Aid.
  7. I am getting the mono one in a few weeks but I own the ouvea canvas S/S 06 version. I know for sure Sandra (yeuxhonettes) has a monogram one. My ouvea one (Exact same shape and size as the mono) is PERFECT for overnight trips etc (I use it for the gym). It is very similar in size to the Keepall 45, perhaps a little shorter and a bit taller. hope that helps!
  8. I have one and like it alot. It's really beautiful - I almost wish I could use it as a handbag.

    Perfect size weekend bag, which is what I use it for (I go to California for a long weekend every month or so and this is the only piece of luggage I take). Although you said you don't travel much - it fits on the plane perfectly.

    It's just... perfect. :love:

    Yuex has pics, I don't have any yet.
  9. Love it! One may be in mt future :devil: ........
  10. Sandra (yeuxhonettes) has one in her collection thread
  11. I love this bag...especially in tobago!
  12. I was deciding between the Carryall and the Sirius suitcase series -- I ended up with a suitcase because I personally found the Carryall to be too small to be a legit option for the weekend. I would have needed to carry two bags -- it makes more sense to get a Keepall 50 or 55.

    However, I will admit its a beautiful bag -- it just did not work for what I needed it to do!
  13. i've got the Ouvea Carryall and i use it for overnight trips. but the bag isn't too big that it is also part of my daily bag rotation. and like Martha says... it's a good thing :yes:
  14. :yes: I'm a moderately light packer... I could see Carryall not being big enough for people who take alot of stuff with them.
  15. I'm torn between a keepall and a carryall. I think the carryall is significantly heavier than the keepall. The SA said it's because of more vachetta and the hardware is thicker. But I think the carryall's size is perfect for me because it's not too long. Ugh.