who has a box calf kelly retourne ?

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  1. I am trying to decide if I should add to my collection. I like the 32 cm box calf retourne (soupple) especially . What colors/hardware do you have and what are your opinions of it? what are your opinions on the brown box calf?
    thanks for the help.:flowers:
  2. I think brown is very versatile. I am of the belief that one should have a brown bag and a black bag because there're some occasions where simply a black or brown will not do. I prefer brown leather with silver hardware.
  3. Ava......I do NOT have a black Box Kelly which is completely weird for me since I love them so much! In fact, I passed on one in the store and bought the Caramel Chevre instead! I've decided that it would only make sense for me to buy a Black Box Kelly only if it were vintage since I already have three other black Box bags (well, one Box and two Chamonix) and I'm such a sucker for the old gals!

    So, do you have other Box bags already in your collection? If not, then IMO you should DEFINATELY get one and the 32cm souple is a lovely size and can carry quite a bit because of the construction. The other consideration is where do you think you would use her the most? If you want something to go day to night then I'd opt for a 28cm rigide to give it that more dressy feeling. IMO, I think it doesn't matter too much which hardware unless you like to match your hardware with your jewelery.

    I don't know what to think really about Brown Box....my first choice would be Black. I think Brown makes the bag more casual.
  4. Shopmom, I love black box with gold, and allready have that.
    that was actually my first purchase over a decade ago. What I am not sure is this: I would love a barenia with pall.:love: but the chance of getting that...REAL slim, then my next choice was black or havanne chevre with pall.:P
    again...no 32 cm chevre to be found. I next would like the one you have (ms. mustard!;) :lol: ):heart: but in the retourne, and again...I never see it...so I am debating brown box /pall. seems to be more available,...but will I feel happy with that?:shrugs: I am very impatient, and have been looking for these particular kellys for over a year now!:sad:
    So I feel I need advice, I only want to buy one kelly this year.
  5. ...I have 2 !! I have a black 32 G/H and a dark green G/H, you can see them in the "members' items for ref..." thread. I'm probably biassed, but if you like retourne, I think box is a must. I don't have brown yet, but I have SO a 35 chocolat G/H which is due to arrive next spring....although I love Birkins and in fact have more of them than Kellys, if I could have only 1 H bag, it would be a box retourne Kelly, probably in brown (it's the color I use most...)
  6. I do love retourne in box, and I want to use it for more casual outings. (that is why I want the pall. wardware). Is your chocolate in box leather? Besides barenia and chevre, box is what I want:flowers:

  7. Yes, my chocolate is also Box, I just love Kellys in Box....
  8. Avadome,
    I have a 28 in retourne in black box. I love it too pieces. I have been thinking as of recent about purchashing a chocolate in box calf as well.

    I love everything about the bag. The retourne was icing on the cake. I feel because I chose the 28 it can be used in the evening as well (since mine is black), but if I purchase a chocolate I would choose a 32 as well.

    I cannot say one negative thing about the whole combination. It really is a win-win all the way around. If you can get it with gold hardware I would choose that, but the palladium will make it a tiny bit more casual. It would still be stunning, but with the chocolate I would prefer gold. There is just something about the gold with the chocolate...it just works.
  9. I am a HUGE fan of chocolate box, especially with gold hardware! Or black! Both are so gorgeous in box that either would make the perfect addition to your collection! Depending on what look you ultmiately want-

    I would go for a 28 cm if you want to use it for more formal occasions
    or 32 if you want to use it more casually. actually who am I kidding- I would wear either with anything from a suit to jeans.:P
  10. I have a 32cm black box retourne with ruthenium h/w. It's so pretty to look at. I haven't used her yet. I will soon though.
  11. Hi, thanks for your input, :flowers: I think I love it too. It's just hard to decide when you know that you will probably only buy one for the rest of this year. I'm just nervous that I'll get it, and a week later I'll see a barenia or chevre. But those are so hard to find,... I hate my indecision!:hysteric: :lol:
  12. That sounds amazing!:nuts: