Who has a blue patent reissue?

  1. Its such a beautiful color....but I'm wondering....

    What in the world would you wear w/ it????:idea::sweatdrop:

  2. PIC :yes:

  3. I have this bag. I wear it with jeans.

  4. HI Smooth!! DO you have pics? I loooooove this color but I cannot see myself w/ it.

    Sometimes visuals really help. jeans w/ what colors tops?

  5. Found it!!! Woo hOo.
    I stand corrected. This DOES work w/ the right outfit :tup:

    Anyone else? I could look at pics all day......

    (Smooth, what color were your shoes? :graucho:)

  6. The shoes are blue patent to match the bag. The shoes are the Chanel quilted wedges and were released at the same time as the navy patent reissues.


  7. ^^SHOWOFF! LOL:p :roflmfao:
  8. I wear mine with everything, except gym wear of course. It's so versatile.

  9. ooh. do you have any pics????
  10. [​IMG]

    NICE!!! it really pops against the color that you have on.

    What other colors do you wear it with? Also which size do you have?
  11. Mon & anonymousYou shine with your reissue. Drooling all over....:drool:
  12. I have the same question....I haven't worn mine yet...

    Mon,anonymous you ladies look amazing!

  13. You have one too?!! I didnt realize this color was so popular....
  14. I got it about a month ago after seeing those lovely pictures...but haven't taken her out yet..