Who has a Bark MJ?

  1. I have a question about the extent of the red undertones of the brown. That is pretty much the question, I guess...how red-ish is the bag? If you have a photo, that would be terrific too! Thanks!

    Also, does anyone know if a Bark Stella exists?
  2. So, this auction ended about a month ago, but the bag still had tags on it and was stuffed. Where do you suppose they tracked that down? Or do you think that it was something someone purchased and just never used?
  3. Bark is not a recent color. I don't know where the seller got it from, maybe, it was purchased a while ago and never used -- we often do buy stuffs we end up not using. =) There were some discussions on Bark here, you can search in this forum.
  4. i won that bag. i'll post up a picture later today. it's like a chestnut brown

    it was also brand new. but a little rusty (?) on the hardware, but it came off easily.
  5. Congrats on the bag! and I love your ebay name!
  6. There is a bark stella, I saw it on the NM website.

  7. Ooooo! Congrats on winning the auction!! It looks puuurrtty! I can't wait to see your pics!:yes: :yahoo:
  8. Yup, JoeyJimmy's right. =)
    A total of 5-6 colors are chosen for the Soft Calf Classic Collection (Blake, Venetia, Stella, Sophia, Multipocket) every season. All those styles came in Bark unless that particular style wasn't available at that time.
  9. Are you up early or late? :smile:
  10. I have a Bark Stella - its from a few seasons ago. It is more of chestnut brown color. I can post pictures up later tonight as I'm at work now.
  11. I have a satchel in Bark. Got it from Saks.
    my bags.jpg
  12. You've got some great stuff! This, and the Petrol MP....:girlsigh:
  13. Thank you. I haven't had an opportunity to wear this one yet, but I'm loving the Petrol MP
  14. Sorry for the delay.

    inside the house
    with daylight

    sorry the last one is blurry