Who Has 35 Gold Birkin w/ GH? PICS PLEASE!?!

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  1. I would love to see any pics if anyone has one , especially modeling one! THANK YOU!!!:P
  2. Star has one! TDF!
  3. Such a pretty bag
  4. Would pictures of a gorgeous, gorgeous 30cm Gold Birkin with gold hardware do? Because you should look at shopmom's photos in the Hermes in Action thread.:drool: :drool:
  5. thank you everyone! I just looked at star's bag ... :drool:
    Thought I would only want black, but I definitely could live with one of those! :P

    I went into Hermes Chicago today and for the first time had a not so nice SA ... I asked to see an Orange Kelly they had and she took it out of the case and when I went to take it from her to see how I liked it, she pulled it away and set it on the counter to "show" me, apparently I wasn't allowed to TOUCH it! :wtf: jeez! Kind of makes me not want to bother with Hermes ...