Who had the PF as their home page? (poll)


Do you have the PF as your home page?

  1. I DO have the PF as my home page

  2. I DON'T have the PF as my home page

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  1. As you can tell our lovely tPF is my home page because it is the first thing I chack online every day. So I was wondering who else does that.
  2. lol. You'd think It'd be mine but its not. Mines yahoo since I always check my mails first thing and every two seconds after! I do have tpf as a icon shortcut button thing on top so I can just click on it:biggrin:
  3. its mine ! :roflmfao:
  4. No Yahoo is mine too, even though I dont use Yahoo mail anymore, I just use it to search and its been Yahoo since forever. I'd feel weird changing it.
  5. Excuse my computer illiteracy...but how do I make it my homepage?
  6. KatsBags this is what I do on my PC
    1. You go to tools
    2. You select Internet options
    3. There under the heading General, there is a subheading homepage and you type the homepage address you want
  7. guilty!!
  8. I've got tPF as my home page too :sweatdrop: That's the thing I do the most on the internet (e-mail is Microsoft Outlook, so...)
  9. i'm not as active on tpf as i used to be when i first signed up... but i still log on almost every day. my current homepage on firefox is naver.com... for IE, my homepage is bbc news, but i rarely use IE anymore.
  10. Not me, but I should! I have tpf in my toolbar links so I can click there whenever I want to go.
  11. not me, but I have a shorcut in my desktop :smile:
  12. Not me. If I did I would probably never spend any time on any other webpage.
  13. I have it as a shortcut in my toolbar links so it's really easy to get to TPF.

    Gmail is my homepage though. The very first thing I do is check my email. Then I start going on forums, shopping online, etc. :yes:
  14. yes i have!
  15. i loggin here alot but dont have the site as my HP

    LOL its my local newspaper set as my HP :biggrin: