Who had the most stylish celebrity baby bump of 2007?


Who had the most stylish celebrity baby bump of 2007?

  1. Jennifer Lopez

  2. Cate Blanchett

  3. Halle Berry

  4. Christina Aguilera

  5. Nicole Richie

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  1. Several of Hollywood's beauties have that extra glow this year — the one that only comes with a baby bump. From hot Halle Berry to sassy Christina Aguilera and classy Cate Blanchett to curvy Jennifer Lopez. And, of course headline-stealer Nicole Richie. Which mama-to-be has the best maternity style?
  2. Nicole Richie, hands down.
  3. Halle Berry.
  4. Halle Berry for me too! She looks stunning!!!!!!
  5. *Christina Aguilera* :cutesy:
  6. Halle.
  7. Halle for me too. She didn't try to hide it for a second.
  8. I voted for Christina.
  9. i say Nicole Ritchie
  10. I voted for Nicole. She looks good with the extra weight.
  11. How about Bridget Moynahan? She looked beautiful and stylish from early on in her pregnancy.

  12. Halle - no playing games about "am I or am I not?" plus she is glowing!
  13. i will say NR if it is about changing during her preg, but def. xtina for best dress, as always- before and during pregnacy
  14. I vote for JLo and Halle
  15. I voted for JLO she looks so cute with her baby bump