Who had heat stamping done in Maui???

  1. I have searched this forum for days, and someone on here had one of their handbags with the coolest heat stamp from hawaii. I am leaving to go to Maui in 2 weeks and I want to buy the Speedy 30 and get the luggage tag with the hawaii heat stamp but I can't find the post with the picture. It was a luggage tag with gold writing and I think it was in gold ink with initials. If this sounds like you can you PLEASE post the picture again so I can see it. It's driving me crazy not to be ale to find it.

  2. i'm not sure if the maui boutiques do heat stamping. junkenpo did hers at ala moana on oahu.
  3. I have seen a pic of that heatstamp, GORGEOUS!!!!
  4. I love her heatstamp!
  5. aww! thanks for the love again! :love:

    Yup, Caley is right, i had my heatstamping done at Ala moana, and they are FAST there...my SIL had heatstamping done at the Shops at Wailea boutique on Maui, and it took them FOREVER to get her stuff back... i guess at the time they were only allowing managers to heatstamp (in case of "accidents") so she had to leave her stuff....so it took several days.

    And apparently they did "ruin" the leather on one of her wallets, so they replaced it with a new one... on one hand, it's nice to have a new wallet, on the other,it was an MC piece and the color combo wasn't the same...

    If you are going to heatstamp on Maui, I'd suggest calling ahead and making sure that someone who CAN do the heatstamping will be in, and making sure you'll be able to get it back that day. ...making a day of it in wailea is not bad though...lovely beaches & great restaurants in the area!

    make sure to post pics in the heatstamping club if you follow thru with it! :tup:
  6. thanks I will call ahead and find out.....
  7. Hi Desiree! I'm Junkenpo's SIL who had her things heatstamped at the Shops of Wailea. Yes, it's true that my stuff took "forever" to have done but it was because I dropped off four wallets to have heatstamped and the manager was not in at the time. She was in a conference off-island and none of the other workers were trained in heat-stamping. Matter of fact, one of them didn't even know they did heat-stamping there!

    Maybe it would have been faster if I just brought in one item and the manager was working...but I wasn't in a hurry...so don't think that it was completely their fault that it took so long.

    One of my items did get damaged but they were nice enough to give me a new wallet in exchange. The color combo isn't like the original but I like the color combo nonetheless. I made a thread called "Heatstamped and Happy" so you can check out...all 4 wallets are there. If you want more info, feel free to PM me. Enjoy Maui!:tup:
  8. [​IMG] BTW, this one's my favorite!:p