Who got their LSAT score today?!

  1. Well - you should have, if you're waiting! Go check your e-mail!

    I got mine - 160 (81st percentile), which is the median score for my first choice. Not amazing, but definitely OKAY - which was what I was hoping for.

    Hope you all got what you wanted! :tup:
  2. Hi Em! Congrats on your score! Now that you got your results, whatcha gonna buy? Miss you on the other thread...hope you're having fun on your trip.:flowers::flowers:
  3. Woohooo! I was thinking about you since it's the 19th.
    littleLV- emily is going to the Murakami exhibit and coming back with something cute i bet. can't wait to see it.
  4. yahooo! Congrats!:party:
  5. yay em!!! :tup::yahoo::wlae::woohoo::choochoo::rochard::dothewave::party:

    We're so proud of you!!!!
  6. congrats, emilyk! i got my lsat score too! except i have no money to celebrate :sad:. but my bf got me pizza!!
  7. yay Em! Hope all is well. Miss you! We'll celebrate when you get back!!
  8. YAY Emily!!!! Congrats...I KNOW how stressful it can be waiting (I was on edge waiting for my GRE writing results and my psych GRE results)!
  9. Congratulations on your killer score. btw I'm assuming you will be offering discount rates to all your tPF friends when you graduate! :yahoo:
  10. I just asked my dh (who knows about such things) and he said 160 was a great score!! So congratulations, bigtime. :tup:
  11. Congrats, Emily!!!
  12. congrats!