who got the harry potter deluxe edition

  1. I found out the deluxe edition only has 100,000 prints. I will run and get it tomorrow at Barns and Noble to add to my collection. Hope they still have it.

    Has anyone gotten one already? Are they going to have a second print for the deluxe edition?

    here is the link talks about it.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm heading out there tomorrow to get it too.
  3. I got it thinking that it would have things that the other printing didn't. It's not really special though, it just has an extra cover box! I damaged the cover a bit too :/

    Oh well, books are made to be read!
  4. I think this edition is really made for people like to collect harry potter stuff. But I have to say , in terms of reading a book, the regular is good enough.

    After going to 2 stores and calling for more than 5. I finally got one from the borders 40 mins away... Yay
  5. I ordered early from Amazon.com and so had no problems getting one. They even e-mailed folks who had pre-ordered the book a $5 gift voucher for future use on their site. I received the e-mail too even though the offer was only made after I had ordered my copy.