Who got the 2002 Black Classique???

  1. OMG! That was exciting! Anyone here get it?
  2. Oh gosh!! Every time I leave for an hour or so I miss all the good stuff!!
  3. :cry: :cry: Nooooooo! I even did auction sniper!!! I am so sad! Do flat brass bags usually go for that much?
    Congrats to whoever won!
  4. avery-girl, can you PM me about how to do that sniping thing :rolleyes:
  5. My word!! It must have ended for a grip of cash? Do you know how much?:huh:
  6. 1633.88! my eyes bugged out when i checked my watch list a few minutes ago :shocked:
  7. OMG.... It Worked. I got her. Last of my bags for this year and next year. lol
    Thank you all so much for helping me out with this one! (Keep waiting until the last seconds) you gals told me. I am still shaking from this one. Ouch.. some what steep. But one can not look at the price sometimes. Will post pics as soon as I get her.:roflmfao:
    Must get ready for work now.

  8. WHOA!!! All I can say is HOLY CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!:amazed:
  9. All I can say for me is NO Christmas for me this year. It came just a few moments ago :biggrin:
  10. wowza! congrats ~ i can relate, she...if you absolutely love the bag (esp a rare color), must not look at the price. i did that once, and one time was good enough for me! ;)
  11. Wow congrats!! It's well worth it!
  12. congratulations, do you mind if i ask how much $$$ it was :amuse:
  13. It was 1633.88.
  14. Wow~ enjoy your bag!!
  15. Wow, congratulations! It's great to win something you really wanted!!