Who goes on the purse forum while at work?

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  1. Just wondering lol...
  2. Sometimes I do :sneaky: when I'm not so busy.
  3. Not exactly but I should be studying!!!
  4. Ah, would be fired :sad:.
  5. I totally do :sneaky:
  6. I do, all the time :P
  7. I'm not in the office all the time, always out on meetings. Along the way during the journey to the meeting, I'll go online. While back in the office, I'm always online. Doing 2 things at a time.:P
  8. Me. My boss would say too much! :P
  9. Ahhh Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! Lol. I don't have much time to get online after I leave work so i just catch up while in the office.
  10. I wish I could, but our computers are completely monitured, and we're only allowed to go on the company's website.
  11. Im at work now:devil:
  12. :rolleyes: ...maaaaybe...
  13. When I was at work I never did. Not only do they block certain sites, they track EVERYTHING.
  14. :sweatdrop::sneaky:
  15. I'm at work now =)