Who Gets You The Most Complements??

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  1. I currently have nine bags: an Original Bella, Pirata Bella, Black Camo Bella Bella, Citta Ciao, Inferno Bambinone, Inferno Dolce, Spiaggia Dolce, Spiaggia Zucca and my most recent acquisition is a Foresta Nuvola.

    Oddly, even though Foresta is my favorite print because I love green, it took me the longest to get a bag because the placement had to be perfect. But I finally did! Sandy on the swing on the front and the full tree on the back!!!:yahoo:

    I must say I love getting complemented on my bags, but ever since I've been carrying my Nuvola, the complements are NON-STOP. Everywhere I go heads are turning, girls and women are stopping me....two people yesterday even had me right down all the Tokidoki information so they could get one of their own!

    So my question is which of your bags gets you those most attention?

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  2. oh, i've only had one person actually know what tokidoki was.. a guy in wal-mart [which was sort of shocking since it was walmart of all places & i live in upstate ny & have never seen someone else with toki here] saw my bag and stopped me to ask where i'd gotten my inferno dolce, because his fiance or wife [or girlfriend? i forget] had been searching for one. it was still on the website at the time. but otherwise, i've gotten a lot of 'that's a cute bag' and things like that.
    when i wear the shirts, co-workers always ask if they're from a cartoon, or just characters. one person thought mozzarella looked similar to bomberman.
  3. I've only used 2 bags so far and have only received compliments on my pirata gioco (only cuz the guy used to work for lesportsac and the other time i was at a lesportsac sample sale). Other than that ... I don't think people in NY like to compliment too much cuz I've never had anyone else say 2 words to me about my bags ... :lol:
  4. I get complimented on my Forestas too !

    Knasarae, I love your FOresta Nuvola. Did you buy it in ebay for BIN price of $190. There was once the bag is haveing a one day special price at 10% off. I hope you get it while it was having the disc.

    Anywa, I am getting one in the mail soon. I will post pic once i get it! but I think I like the back of yours more/ I only have sandy in the front, missing the cupid.
  5. Knasarae - man...now I want a Nuvola! That is great placement!! Totally worth the wait.

    I get lots and lots of compliments on my Spiaggia BV and my Forestas. I also carry my Inferno Mama Mia and Amore Zucca a lot. I get compliments on those but people really seem to go for the other two prints.
  6. My Amore Gioco definitely gets the most attention out of my bags...that's probably because most of the rest of my bags are bellas lmfao..but the compliments dont matter as much as comfort to me...that's still why I prefer my bellas.
  7. I haven't gotten around to using much of my other bags, but my Original Ciao seems to command a lot of attention. I was in AC once and a family actually stopped and asked where did I get my Ciao. Her daughters were beaming when they look at my bag. Had to dissapoint them but when I told them that was the first edition Tokidoki and they are no longer available in stores, I saw the dissapointment on their faces.
  8. Hm, I don't know...both my regularly used foresta ciao ciao and pirata BV get a lot of attention....
  9. Well to be honest, I think I have gotten a compliment EVERY TIME I go out no matter which bag I'm carrying!

    Whenever I pay for something, (so the bag gets set on a counter or whatever) someone always says something about it.

    Since I switch bags every time I go out, it would be really hard to say which one has gotten the most compliments.
  10. Where in upstate NY do you live? I'm there, too :biggrin:! So far no one has said anything to me about my bags. I did see one lady with a pirata stellina in my work once... and I told her that I loved tokidoki as well, but she didn't know anything about it :sad: She said that she had just bought the bag off of eBay and she thought it was cute =/ Pretty boring lady, too.

    People who own toki should have LIFEEE to them! :yahoo:
  11. oh definitely my paradiso gioco and stellina. my co-workers seem to enjoy them and i've heard people gasp behind me and whisper, "she has a paradiso/tokidoki!" while i was out shopping this weekend...lol
  12. oh wow, i just saw it says you're in albany. i'm about an hour south of you then..kingston-area. ulster county. no one seems to know tokidoki here except the people who know me. a co-worker [who wants to get a bag, but feels weird about it at the same time] actually told me he saw some lesportsac in the macy's here & asked if they had tokidoki and the sales attendant looked at him "like he had three heads." hahaha
  13. i'm with you, dreamsoftoki, i switch out my bags and get compliments all the time. i just got one today on my citta ciao from the clerk when i checked out at target. i get a ton on my original print bella bella too!
  14. So far I have only taken my Pirata Bambinone out for a run, but I have several people, like a cashier at Starbucks, tell me how cute it was! :smile:
  15. mmm.. i've had a couple of compliments when using my foresta BV.. lots of people look but don't say anything also lol.

    but once i was at walmart around midnight and an older lady totally LOVED my inferno zucca! :] she even went SUPER upclose to check it out.. i thought it was really cool since she was rockin' a LV bag..! :tup: