Who gets the SALE????

  1. Hi all! I was just wondering..... say I go to store A and they don't have the item that I'm looking for, but they offer to check in other stores. So now store B has it, they send the item to store A... then who gets the sale??? A or B? or do they share it???? Thanks!!!
  2. ooh. always wondered this myself.
  3. That's actually a really good question.
  4. Just a guess, but I would think the store that actually rings the sale through...
  5. Store A.. its just a transfer out
  6. Store A, it's store A inventory.
  7. oooh! thanks amamxr and bagsnbags!
  8. Your'e very welcome...:yes:
  9. Yep, who ever rings the bag...if they transfer it in, store A gets the sale....if you do a charge send, tho what ever store ships it out :smile: