Who gets the most Bbags?

  1. What stores carry the most bbag and the widest selection? :shrugs:

    I would think BalNYC, but they don't seem to get the obvious bags that everyone is looking for (remember how few BI's they got in).

    Aloha Rag?
  2. This would be interesting to find out 'A' tabbyco - I'm asking the same :shrugs: :s ! Who knows :rolleyes: ?
  3. It surprises me too! How come they only get so few of a particular color in a particular style??? I was looking to get a Marine part-time at BalNY, and they only received 4 which were all accounted for!! Eventually, one ended up being available, but I didn't take it after all. Their concept of supply and demand is a little weird...
  4. aloharag seems to get lots of bags too