Who finances your TOKIDOKI???

  1. Just being a curious George here...
  2. my full time job.. hahaha!!!
  3. me and my husband's salary. lol :lol:
  4. the govt :lol:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. DH and I since we combine our incomes, and my parent (feel like such a kid saying that, but they won't let me pay when I go shopping with them).
  7. Hey, can I tag along??? ;)
  8. school loans! n my credit cards...oy
  9. my 2 jobs
  10. my full time job?

    it's going to suck when i quit here in 6 weeks.
  11. My PayPal Buyer Credit....

    oh shame shame on me.
  12. my job sometimes, but most of the time mastercard..I"m sure I"ll be paying this fetish of for years to come..
  13. my full time job
  14. I pay for all of them.
  15. my horrible mastercard, discover, macys/bloomingdales card, or my bank account